Social Media Behavior and Attitudes of US Physicians in 2017 and Beyond: Implications for Continuing Education Providers

Social media is making greater inroads into both the formal and informal education that physicians seek out and receive online. In a recent survey conducted by CCO, more than 50% of the US physician learners stated they have accessed social media for professional purposes, and among those, 61% have used it to learn about and access new CME opportunities. Meanwhile, CME activities are becoming better integrated with social media. However, not all physicians use social media for education or other purposes related to their occupation, citing concerns and barriers such as privacy, appropriateness, and time constraints as reasons for abstaining. In this white paper, we outline key points of interest to the CME community, and propose an approach to further the integration of social media with CME that is pragmatic, is practical, and takes into account the need for further research and innovation as online CME evolves.

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