International Online Tool for Therapeutic Decision Making in NSCLC (V2.0)

This poster, developed in collaboration with David R. Gandara, MD, and other noted experts in lung cancer, was presented in September 2015 at the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Denver, Colorado. The poster highlights an innovative online tool developed to help facilitate therapeutic decision making in NSCLC. A considerable increase in TKI use was documented by comparing tool usage data we collected in 2014 vs data collected via a similar tool in 2012. More users were likely to select TKIs in both EGFR mutation (49% in 2012 vs 67% in 2014) and ALK translocation (35% vs 61%) with a corresponding decrease in use of chemotherapy. Of note, clinicians reported that their use of the tool would influence their choice of treatment in 86% of cases, demonstrating that online tools can make a substantial difference in clinical decision making.

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