Hematologic Malignancies

Hematologic Malignancies

Hematologic malignancies, including leukemias, lymphomas, and multiple myeloma, are a diverse group of cancers. Clinical advances in diagnosis, staging, and treatment options are improving outcomes for patients with these cancers. CME and CE in hematologic malignancies is essential for clinicians to stay current with these evolving treatment standards.

More and more, the identification of a growing list of specific genetic markers plays an essential role in not only the diagnosis of these patients, but also in providing an accurate prognosis that affects clinical management decisions to watchful waiting or to begin treatment. In addition, new genetic markers are useful for identifying which treatment option may be best for a specific patient with some of these hematologic malignancies. CME and CE in hematologic malignancies provides continuing education along with expert insights for physicians and other healthcare providers on innovative research and consequently advances the delivery of high-quality care for leukemias, lymphomas, and myeloid diseases.

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