ClinicalImpactRET-Altered or RET-Driven NSCLC and Thyroid Cancer: Expert Guidance for Improving Outcomes

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In this comprehensive online program for pathologists and medical oncologists, gain expert guidance on optimal biomarker testing to identify patients with RET-dependent NSCLC and thyroid cancers and on integration of RET inhibitors into clinical practice. Read expert-authored commentaries, listen to a podcast, or watch an on-demand Webcast archived from a CCO live Webinar followed by downloading the associated slideset.

Clinical Resource PDFs

Download this brief PDF resource to review best practices for detection of RET gene alterations in lung and thyroid tumors.

Released: January 21, 2021

Download this PDF resource for a quick overview of the efficacy data for pralsetinib and selpercatinib in RET fusion–positive NSCLC, RET fusion–positive thyroid cancer, and RET mutation–positive medullary thyroid cancer, along with a look at ongoing clinical trials.

Released: January 21, 2021

Download this short PDF resource summarizing approved indications, dosing, and key safety data for the selective RET inhibitors pralsetinib and selpercatinib, including guidance on monitoring for and managing adverse events.

Released: January 21, 2021

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