ClinicalImpactRET-Altered or RET-Driven NSCLC and Thyroid Cancer: Expert Guidance for Improving Outcomes

In this comprehensive online program for pathologists and medical oncologists, gain expert guidance on optimal biomarker testing to identify patients with RET-dependent NSCLC and thyroid cancers and on integration of RET inhibitors into clinical practice. Read expert-authored commentaries, listen to a podcast, or watch an on-demand Webcast archived from a CCO live Webinar followed by downloading the associated slideset.
Dara L. Aisner, MD, PhD
Joshua Bauml, MD
Karen L. Reckamp, MD, MS


Listen to lung cancer experts Joshua Bauml, MD, a medical oncologist, and Dara L. Aisner, MD, PhD, a molecular pathologist, discuss clinical considerations for patients with RET fusion–positive NSCLC, including testing for RET fusions, using new selective RET inhibitors in these patients, and the importance of interdisciplinary communication.

Dara L. Aisner, MD, PhD Joshua Bauml, MD Released: September 17, 2020

Download this short summary slideset of key takeaways from a podcast on RET fusion–positive NSCLC.

Dara L. Aisner, MD, PhD Joshua Bauml, MD Released: September 17, 2020


Using a recent patient case from my practice, I describe how I am incorporating new selective RET inhibitors such as selpercatinib into managing patients with RET fusion–positive NSCLC.

Karen L. Reckamp, MD, MS Released: September 2, 2020
Provided by Clinical Care Options, LLC.

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Sophia Kelley

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