ClinicalImpact™ Melanoma: Expert Guidance and Resources to Optimize Care Along the Treatment Continuum

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This comprehensive program gathers expert insights into best practice management of patients with melanoma, featuring expert-authored commentaries on timely topics in melanoma, a series of focused MedicalMinute™ videos to fit your busy schedule, and downloadable slides from a live Webinar.
Allison Betof Warner, MD, PhD
Michael A. Davies, MD, PhD
Douglas B. Johnson, MD, MSCI
Ahmad Tarhini, MD, PhD


How do you choose among approved adjuvant therapies for BRAF V600E/K high-risk melanoma? Read my thoughts on factors to consider when selecting adjuvant targeted therapy for your patients.

Douglas B. Johnson, MD, MSCI Released: October 19, 2020

Here are my thoughts on key considerations when selecting frontline therapy for patients with metastatic melanoma, including when targeted therapy may be preferred over immunotherapy, factors that affect the selection of single-agent or combination immunotherapy, and when to discontinue immunotherapy.

Allison Betof Warner, MD, PhD Released: February 17, 2021

Experts answer frequently asked questions on the management of melanoma, including adjuvant therapy selection, considerations for frontline treatment, and biomarker testing.

Michael A. Davies, MD, PhD Ahmad Tarhini, MD, PhD Released: March 3, 2021
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