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Practical Insights on Key Data From ESMO 2020 Informing Precision Medicine in NSCLC

In this pocast episode, listen to Helena A. Yu, MD, a medical oncologist, and Maria E. Arcila, MD, a molecular pathologist, discuss new data on actionable mutations and targeted therapies in NSCLC from ESMO 2020, including emerging therapeutic strategies targeting EGFR or KRAS G12C driver mutations.
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Maria E. Arcila, MD
Helena A. Yu, MD
Released: December 21, 2020

In this episode, Helena A. Yu, MD, and Maria E. Arcila, MD, provide medical oncology and pathology perspectives, respectively, on new data from ESMO 2020 informing precision medicine in NSCLC, with topics including:

  • Updated efficacy data from the phase III ADAURA study of adjuvant osimertinib for resected EGFR-mutated NSCLC with a focus on CNS disease recurrence
  • Biomarker testing in early-stage lung cancer 
  • New data for sotorasib, a small molecule inhibitor of KRAS G12C, in heavily pretreated NSCLC
  • Interim results from the phase I portion of the CHRYSALIS trial evaluating amivantamab, a bispecific antibody that targets EGFR and MET, in combination with lazertinib, a third-generation EGFR TKI, for the treatment of EGFR-mutated NSCLC
  • Phase I data on the HER3-directed antibody–drug conjugate patritumab deruxtecan for NSCLC with progression on an EGFR TKI


Helena A. Yu, MD
Assistant Attending
Department of Medicine
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

Maria E. Arcila, MD
Director, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York


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