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Inclusive Healthcare for Transgender Individuals: Insights From a Healthcare Professional’s Transition Experience

In this podcast, Olivia Buckoski, PharmD, shares her personal experience undergoing medical and social transition, along with actionable advice for healthcare professionals caring for transgender individuals.
Olivia Buckoski, PharmD
Released: May 2, 2022

In this episode, Pharmacist Olivia Buckoski shares her experience undergoing medical and social transition and offers advice from the perspective of both a transgender person and healthcare professional on caring for transgender individuals. Topics include:

  • Importance of educating entire care team about needs of transgender individuals, starting with the waiting room
  • Specific advice for the exam room
  • Pharmacy and adherence considerations with hormone therapy
  • Examples of uninformed care

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Olivia Buckoski, PharmD


Olivia Buckoski, PharmD, has no relevant conflicts of interest to disclose.

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