PARP Inhibition in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer: Current and Future Perspectives on Personalized Therapy

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Learn how experts around the world use PARP inhibitors to optimally manage patients with pancreatic cancer and BRCA1/2 or other alterations causing homologous repair deficiency with focused commentaries, a podcast series, an expert video roundtable, and downloadable slideset.
Dirk Arnold, MD, PhD
Philip Agop Philip, MD, PhD, FRCP

ClinicalThought Commentaries

With the approval of olaparib, how will your treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer change?

Dirk Arnold, MD, PhD Released: October 5, 2021

How might the use of PARP inhibitors evolve in the treatment of pancreatic cancer? Read this commentary from Dr Philip Philip.

Philip Agop Philip, MD, PhD, FRCP Released: January 31, 2022

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