Interdisciplinary Hemophilia A Education: Informed Providers and Patients Can Optimize Prophylaxis Therapy

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In this comprehensive program aimed at the multidisciplinary care team, learn how to counsel and equip patients with hemophilia A to optimize adherence to prophylaxis and treatment with a focused series of multimedia presentations, downloadable slides, expert commentary, podcast, and downloadable resource for patient counseling.
Guy A. Young, MD


Get up to date on the evolution of prophylaxis therapy for hemophilia A and how newly approved agents may help to overcome adherence challenges seen in young adult patients.

Guy A. Young, MD Released: September 22, 2021


In this podcast episode, listen to Guy A. Young, MD, as he counsels a teenage patient with severe hemophilia A and the patient’s caregiver on treatment options with factor and nonfactor therapies and how these options can affect strategies for optimizing prophylaxis and improving adherence.

Guy A. Young, MD Released: October 8, 2021
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