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Expert Insights on Key Data From ASH 2020 on Nonmalignant Hematologic Disorders

December 5-8, 2020; Online at https://www.hematology.org/meetings/annual-meeting
In this podcast episode, listen to Hanny Al-Samkari, MD; Sujit Sheth, MD; and Mark A. Schroeder, MD, discuss their takeaways on new data presented at ASH 2020 in nonmalignant hematologic diseases, including studies on disorders of bleeding and clotting, hemoglobinopathies, and GVHD.
Hanny Al-Samkari, MD
Mark A. Schroeder, MD
Sujit Sheth, MD
Released: February 10, 2021

In this episode, Hanny Al-Samkari, MD; Sujit Sheth, MD; and Mark A. Schroeder, MD, provide their clinical perspectives on new data from ASH 2020 on nonmalignant hematologic disorders, with topics including:

  • Use of mycophenolate mofetil plus corticosteroids vs standard corticosteroid treatment in patients with ITP from the phase III FLIGHT study
  • Analysis of an ongoing phase I/II trial of rilzabrutinib reporting safety and efficacy in the long-term extension for adult patients with relapsed/refractory ITP
  • New data from the phase III HOPE-B study of etranacogene dezaparvovec gene therapy, using an AAV5-vector to deliver the Padua variant of the factor IX gene in patients with hemophilia B
  • An update from the phase I/II CLIMB THAL-111/SCD-121 studies reporting safety and efficacy on the first 10 patients receiving CTX001 with at least 3 months of follow-up
  • Primary analysis from the phase III REACH3 trial evaluating ruxolitinib, an oral JAK1/2 inhibitor, in combination with steroids and calcineurin inhibitors, as a treatment for steroid-refractory or steroid-dependent chronic GVHD
  • Top-line results from the phase II ROCKstar study of belumosudil, a ROCK2 kinase inhibitor, in patients with heavily pretreated chronic GVHD
  • Phase I data from the GRAVITAS-119 study of JAK1 inhibitor itacitinib plus calcineurin inhibitors as prophylaxis treatment for acute GVHD


Hanny Al-Samkari, MD
Department of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Attending Hematologist and Clinical Investigator
Division of Hematology Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

Sujit Sheth, MD
Department of Pediatrics
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, New York

Mark A. Schroeder, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Oncology
Department of Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis
St Louis, Missouri


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