CCO’s Report on Intelligent Virtual Assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google) Underscores Big Concerns and Big Potential

Although Not Yet HIPAA Compliant, IVAs Have Enormous Promise for the Medical Field

Reston, Virginia - March 21, 2019 - A new White Paper from Clinical Care Options (CCO), a global leader in the development of innovative educational programs and technology platforms, details usage practices of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) in both medical and nonmedical environments and explores potential opportunities and challenges as they relate to continuing education. 

In general, consumer sentiment regarding smart speakers is highly positive: 75% of smart speaker owners want to learn to do more with their devices. “IVAs are now the number one device for consuming audio in homes that have had smart speakers for at least a year,” said Robin Murray, President of CCO. “In medical settings, Alexa is being used to help surgeons comply with safety checklists before procedures, for patients to engage in healthier lifestyles, and soon for patient medical record navigation, medical transcription, and medical information searches.”

The White Paper posits that the use of IVAs in continuing education is both a challenge and an opportunity. There has been much debate about privacy concerns, although the White Paper contends that these may be overstated. The reliance on voice interaction may also limit the type of educational content that IVAs can offer. However, they are also easy to use, convenient, cost-effective, and appealing to the increasing numbers of “digital-native” clinicians entering the practice of medicine, as well as being accessible for older clinicians or other-abled professionals who have difficulty using their hands or have poor eyesight. “Our goal with this White Paper is to help readers understand the current state of play with IVAs and to encourage discussion and debate about their potential use in continuing education,” said Edward King, MA, Chief Innovation Officer at CCO. 

The White Paper can be found here:

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