“Hep B Consult” Tool Shows Clinicians Are Missing the Mark on Managing HBV Infection

In 43% of more than 4000 crowd-sourced cases, clinicians were not planning strategies consistent with international guidelines on whether to treat and with what to treat

Reston, Virginia - November 11, 2019 - Many healthcare providers showed discordance from guideline recommendations in their management plans for patients with chronic hepatitis B infection, according to an analysis of data from the “Hep B Consult,” a decision support tool developed by Clinical Care Options (CCO) this year.

“Hep B Consult” allows users to define a patient case scenario using variables, such as HBeAg status, HBV DNA and ALT levels, and liver histology, and receive instant recommendations from American, European, and Asian Pacific HBV guidelines.

Worldwide, users entered more than 8000 cases between March and October 2019. In 4130 of these cases, the guidelines had clear recommendations of whether to treat the patient’s HBV infection and with what to treat, yet in 43% of these cases, clinicians had a management plan that differed from the guidelines.

In 39% of such cases, clinicians indicated that they would change their treatment plan to match the guidelines after using the “Hep B Consult” tool.

“These data indicate that chronic hepatitis B is being mismanaged in a sizeable numbers of cases around the globe,” said Edward King, MA, Executive Vice President of CCO. “Moreover, using ‘Hep B Consult’ may enable clinicians to improve outcomes for people with chronic HBV infection by helping them make optimal treatment choices.”

The “Hep B Consult” app was developed by CCO in collaboration with the American Liver Foundation, the Asian Health Foundation, and Practicing Clinicians Exchange and is available as a Web-based tool and as apps for Android and Apple devices at:




These results were presented November 8 at The Liver Meeting 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts, and can be reviewed at

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