CCO Receives Innovation Award for Online Interactive Decision Support Tools at the Annual Meeting of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Reston, Virginia - January 19, 2018 - Clinical Care Options (CCO) was recognized by the prestigious Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions at its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, on January 20 for its extensive series of innovative, online tumor-specific Interactive Decision Support Tools (IDSTs). Each tool is authored by a panel of multiple experts to address rapidly changing treatment paradigms, the addition of new treatments in oncology, and the gaps in guideline specificity across a range of tumor types. The initiative was implemented to mitigate growing educational gaps that the rapid introduction of multiple new therapeutic options has caused.

“Although guidelines are helpful in steering clinicians toward evidence-based decision making, they do not provide specific treatment recommendations to optimize the care of specific patients,” said Tina B. Stacy, PharmD, BCOP, CHCP Senior Vice President Educational Strategy, General Manager, Oncology. “IDSTs offer a means to narrow the gap between clinical practice guideline recommendations and individualized treatment decision making.”

Previously, individual IDSTs have demonstrated a positive impact on clinicians’ decision making regarding treatment options. CCO conducted a first-ever meta-analysis of data from 21 IDSTs to explore the macro-utility of these tools as an educational and informational point-of-care resource. Collectively, these IDTs tool included treatment recommendations for thousands of case scenarios across multiple disease settings.

The just-released dramatic results showed that clinicians’ initial intended treatment for 47% of these cases differed from the expert consensus recommendation, indicating that these patients were at risk for suboptimal treatment. Interaction with the tools often prompted the adoption of expert-recommended treatment strategies, with almost one third of learners having changed their planned treatment for a specific patient for whom they sought expert advice.

“CCO’s scalable IDSTs have broad applicability at the point of care across multiple disease states and global impact,” said Robin Murray, President of CCO. “They provide customized, patient-specific expert advice that support learning, influence real-time clinical decision making, and increase the number of clinicians who make optimal treatment decisions for patients. The CME community can use clinically relevant innovations—such as IDSTs—to improve educational programming in ways that change practice and affect patients.”

The IDSTs can be found at

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