Clinical Care Options Announces Next Generation of Medical Education

Clinical Care Options (CCO) today announced the release of its next-generation platform for delivering practice-changing knowledge to physicians and other healthcare providers—the first in a series.

CCO reaches clinicians in over 200 countries with expert content and leading-edge technology that delivers comprehensive interactive medical education and clinical decision support online, through live programs, and via mobile devices.

CCO’s new online platform is the first to fuse web 2.0 capabilities with the company’s vast array of medical education programs, creating a personalized experience that is even more engaging and interactive than has been possible in the past. The change starts with an efficient navigation system that allows clinicians to quickly find information relevant to their interests. Even more powerfully, the CCO platform observes usage patterns and suggests content and learning modules that match the interests and online behavior of individual users. The result is a seamless flow of relevant information that is personalized to the clinician.

Personalization is taken a step further with features that let users save the information they find, share it with colleagues, and automatically keep track of the continuing education credits they earn both on and off the site. At the same time, individualized emails and RSS feeds are focused by interest to continuously keep clinicians abreast of new developments and educational programs.

The new platform drives social interaction between physicians in a unique way that also assures the clinical integrity of online postings. ClinicalThought™ presents topic-based discussions that are led by recognized experts who report and comment on new developments and clinical controversies. CCO’s clinician members may interact with these experts and with each other online to share information and interpretations of new findings. These dynamic interchanges are also interleaved with related CCO medical education programs and clinical decision support content in a way that constantly refreshes the knowledge sources available.

“This new platform has been over two years in the making, and in our initial testing and live use by healthcare providers it is proving to be extremely engaging,” said Linda Coogle, President of CCO. “Clinicians like the new look, but more importantly they find it easy to navigate and engage with new knowledge in more varied and dynamic ways. It’s making the most current thinking in each medical specialty more accessible and applicable to patient care.”

These new platform capabilities are available through CCO’s several specialty-focused portals (HIV; Hepatitis; and Oncology/Hematology; with more to come. A vast and continuously updated array of educational tools are available including: Interactive Virtual Presentations; Slidesets; Interactive Decision Support Tools; video and audio presentations; Interactive Case Challenges; and extensive Conference Coverage providing expert analysis and quick-scan capsule summaries of key clinical studies from important conferences. At the same time, critical knowledge is brought to the point of care through CCO’s online clinical decision support resource, inPractice®, which makes practical guidance readily accessible within the clinical setting.

CCO’s next-generation platform establishes a new paradigm for medical education and a base-line from which that model can further evolve.  It is a model that:

Brings new, cutting-edge knowledge to light
Provides extensive educational vehicles that propagate and facilitate application of that knowledge
Backs clinicians with evidence-based, peer reviewed, practical decision support resources
Engages clinicians in a dynamic, two-way dialog about new knowledge
Blends it all in a seamless, highly personalized user experience
“In a world where the advancement of medical science outpaces clinicians’ ability to know it all and often overwhelms them, CCO has succeeded in distilling the most important discoveries into practical, applicable knowledge”, added CCO’s Managing Director, Jeffrey L Drezner, MD, PhD. “This new platform leverages exciting new tools and brings all of our expert content and resources to the surface for easy discoverability and use.”

The new site is available at
Announcements of additional new features will be made over the coming months.

About Clinical Care Options and inPractice®
Clinical Care Options is a leader in the development of continuing education and decision support resources for healthcare professionals. Known for its innovative programs and proprietary technology, the company creates original continuing medical education and information resources designed specifically for healthcare providers in the areas of HIV, hepatology, and hematology/oncology. Educational programs encompass a spectrum of interactive online and live formats that provide the latest scientific information and facilitate its application by healthcare professionals. The company’s online clinical decision support resource, inPractice®, brings this knowledge to the point of care by translating and distilling the constant stream of new information into practical guidance readily available in the clinical setting. 

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