HIV Advisory Board Honors Edward King

HIV Advisory Board Honors Edward King

Reston, VA – July 25, 2012 – Clinical Care Options (CCO), the leader in the development of innovative interactive online, print, and live medical education for healthcare professionals, hosted a dinner honoring Edward King, Senior Vice President, Editorial at CCO, for nearly 25 years of service to the HIV community.

Since graduating from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, Mr. King has been on the front lines of the epidemic, volunteering, providing information, creating educational programs, and leading innovation in the design of cutting-edge interactive online approaches to medical education that have enabled HIV-positive individuals and their clinicians to stay informed on advances in HIV treatment as they have evolved.

After volunteering for AIDS organizations while still a student, he became a leading advocate for the development of HIV prevention programs for gay men in London, United Kingdom, and published an influential history and manifesto on safer sex and gay men, Safety in Numbers (Cassell/Routledge, 1993). During the 1990s, he worked at the UK National AIDS Manual (NAM), where he was responsible for treatment-related publications, including the United Kingdom’s first treatment newsletter for patients. At this time, he also developed the HIV/AIDS site for the Mining Company (now, an Internet site that was among the first to aggregate key information on HIV/AIDS for patients around the world. In 1997, he joined Dr. Jeffrey Drezner who created the first HIV portal for healthcare professionals, Clinical Care Options for HIV, and moved to Medscape following their acquisition of that company in 1998, becoming the archetype for Medscape’s Editorial Directors as they rolled out their 14 specialties and setting the standard for editorial excellence.

He continued to support the live Annual CCO HIV Symposium, now in its 24th year, and was Clinical Editor for the inaugural edition of the American Association of HIV Medicine’s (AAHIVM) HIV textbook, Fundamentals of HIV Care, released in 2001.

Edward rejoined CCO in 2002 to lead a new team not only to create the best editorial content but also to develop a series of new online interactive programs, including CCO Conference Coverage, branched-logic Interactive Case Challenges, Interactive Decision Support Tools, Stay Tuned, and in 2009 the inPractice® model, a remarkable innovative point-of-care resource for clinicians that is now used in more than 200 countries around the world.

“Ed’s ability to understand the science and work with a world-renowned faculty to translate it to compelling educational and information programs is unique,” said Dr. Jeffrey Drezner, Managing Director of CCO. “It has been a privilege to work with him and watch him lead the software development team in the creation of new approaches to interactive models that help the clinician understand the cascade of new information and treatment options that have improved patient care.”

The dinner included testimonials from more than 15 of the world’s leading HIV researchers and educators that lauded his accomplishments during the past 2 decades with personal stories and praise.

“It has been a pleasure for all of us to work with Edward over the years on a myriad of educational programs,” said Kathleen E. Squires, MD, Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, speaking on behalf of the entire Advisory Board. “We are better educators as a result, and we particularly thank him for his pioneering efforts in the creation of inPractice®, an invaluable tool that has helped HIV clinicians provide better care around the world.”

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