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Bipolar Disorder in the Geriatric Patient: Treatment Pearls

This video discusses the treatment of bipolar disorder in the older patient. The role of antipsychotics, lithium, anticonvulsants including valproate are also discussed.

Released: April 29, 2020

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Video on the role of cholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer disease, including comparisons of efficacy and adverse events of these medications.

Prakash Masand, MD Released: May 11, 2020

Video on clinical dehydration assessment in older patients including signs and symptoms and early intervention.

Released: May 11, 2020

Video on bedside screening for cognitive impairment. Although the MMSE is the standard assessment tool for diagnosing dementia, cognitive deficits can be assessed with a few simple questions.

Prakash Masand, MD Released: April 28, 2020

Video on behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, including Capgras and Fregoli syndromes; differential diagnosis of agitation, wandering, hallucinations, and paranoia in the older patient population.

Released: April 28, 2020

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