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Patient Interview: Living With Tardive Dyskinesia

Listen to Leslie, a patient with TD for the past 10 years, describe her experience with the disease from diagnosis to current impact on her daily life.
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Joseph P. McEvoy, MD
Released: September 28, 2022

Patient Interview: Living With Tardive Dyskinesia

In this podcast episode on tardive dyskinesia (TD), Joseph P. McEvoy, MD, interviews Leslie, a patient who was diagnosed with TD 10 years ago. She describes her journey to an accurate diagnosis, the impact that TD has on her daily life, and her advice for patients and providers affected by TD.

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Joseph P. McEvoy, MD

Psychiatry and Health Behavior
Augusta University
Augusta, Georgia

Joseph P. McEvoy, MD: /advisor/speaker: Clarion, Neurocrine; researcher: Alkermes, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Millennium, National Institute of Diabetes, National Institute of Mental Health, Otsuka.

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