Precision Management of Late Endocrine Effects in Cancer Survivors

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Expert faculty review common root causes of late endocrine effects due to cancer treatment in survivors of childhood cancer, outlining the importance of lifelong monitoring, strategies to address growth hormone deficiency and thyroid disease, and challenges of mitigating obesity and diabetes mellitus in cancer survivors.
Laurie E. Cohen, MD
Danielle N. Friedman, MD, MS
Steven G. Waguespack, MD


When and how do I retest for GH deficiency and how soon do I start GH replacement in cancer survivors? Read my answers to these questions and more.

Laurie E. Cohen, MD Released: April 22, 2021

When and how do I manage hypothyroidism after immune checkpoint inhibitors, MIBG treatment, or mitotane, and what is the mechanism of hyperthyroidism in cancer survivors? Read my answers to these questions and more.

Steven G. Waguespack, MD Released: April 26, 2021

Read how adipose dysfunction and insulinopenia after irradiation are just some of the areas being explored.

Danielle N. Friedman, MD, MS Released: April 22, 2021
Provided by the Endocrine Society

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