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HCC in the Setting of Hepatitis B: Asia-Pacific Considerations

Grace LH Wong, MD
Released: June 8, 2021

Risk of HCC and Family History of HCC

Risk of HCC and Family History of HCC

Family history of HCC is an important predictor of HCC risk, as well. The population-based cohort study of 22,472 individuals in Taiwan by Loomba and colleagues7 showed that the cumulative incidence of HCC is highest in patients with a positive family history who are also HBsAg seropositive. Tong and colleagues8 analyzed data from HBsAg-positive patients (N = 413), 173 with HCC and 240 without HCC, for risk factors associated with HCC occurrence. The results underscore the association between age of HCC onset and family history of HCC. As shown in this age distribution chart, HCC onset is decades earlier in sons and daughters who have parents with HCC compared with the age of onset in the first generation.

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