Key Decisions in HIV Care

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Expert international faculty present biweekly Medical Minute updates with downloadable slides and podcasts on emerging data guiding key decision points in HIV care focused on the individual patient. ClinicalThought commentaries from both patients and healthcare professionals highlight unique patient needs and how best to address them.
W. David Hardy, MD
Josep M. Llibre, MD, PhD

ART Resistance

For the second time in HIV history, the development of new drugs with novel mechanisms of action and no cross-resistance with any previous antiretroviral drug will allow most highly treatment–experienced patients with resistant HIV to regain virologic suppression.

Josep M. Llibre, MD, PhD Released: October 18, 2021

Learn key considerations when choosing ART for patients with virologic failure and resistance, including how to build an optimized background regimen and the data to support the inclusion of novel therapies into ART regimens.

W. David Hardy, MD Josep M. Llibre, MD, PhD Released: November 29, 2021
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