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Key Viral Hepatitis Studies Influencing My Practice Following EASL 2022—Audio Recap

June 22-26, 2022; London, United Kingdom
Listen to expert insights from Stefan Zeuzem, MD, on updates and new viral hepatitis data from EASL 2022, including novel therapeutics for HBV, HBV cure data, therapeutic updates for HDV, and HCV treatment for treatment-experienced patients.
Stefan Zeuzem, MD
Released: July 6, 2022

In this episode, Stefan Zeuzem, MD, discusses new viral hepatitis data from EASL 2022, including:

  • Novel HBV therapeutics, including the REEF-2, B-Clear, and SAVE-1 studies
  • HBV cure from the Everest Project in China
  • HDV therapeutics from MYR301 and a study of bulevirtide in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension
  • HCV retreatment in patients with prior direct-acting antiviral therapy failure

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Stefan Zeuzem, MD

Professor of Medicine
Chief, Department of Medicine
JW Goethe University Hospital
Frankfurt, Germany

Stefan Zeuzem, MD, has disclosed that he has received consulting fees from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, Intercept, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, and Sobi and fees for non-CME/CE services from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, and MSD.

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