Overcoming Challenges in the Management of Food Allergy and Food-induced Anaphylaxis in Primary Care
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Food allergy is a common medical condition and a major public health concern; however, its diagnosis and management, including the significant burden on patients and caregivers, is often underappreciated. Approximately 8% of children and 10% of adults in the United States are affected. Food allergy is said to be responsible for 1 emergency department admission every 3 minutes. The Medical Minute 1 activity addresses the pathogenesis and novel strategies in diagnosing food allergy. The Medical Minute 2 activity reviews management and prevention strategies for food allergy as well as signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis.
Nurse Practitioners: 1.2 AANP contact hours
Released: July 15, 2022 Expiration: July 31, 2023

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