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Addressing Age-Related Comorbidities Among People With HIV

Hear insights from Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes and Dr. Christian Ramers on preventing ART-associated bone loss, reducing cardiovascular disease risk, and managing HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in this case-based discussion of comorbidity management and ART selection for aging patients with HIV.
Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD
Christian Ramers Headshot
Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH
Released: June 5, 2020

Podcast Notes

In this episode, Dr. Kuritzkes and Dr. Ramers provide a case-based discussion addressing several age-related comorbidities among people with HIV, including bone loss, renal impairment, cardiovascular disease, mental health disorders, and neurocognitive disorders. Their discussion includes analysis of key data from the following HIV studies:

  • DRIVE-AHEAD: Neuropsychiatric Events With First-line DOR/3TC/TDF vs EFV/FTC/TDF
  • TANGO: Renal and Bone Changes With Switch to DTG/3TC
  • SWORD-1/2: Renal and Bone Changes With Switch to DTG + RPV
  • Study 1961: Quantitative Proteinuria by Baseline Regimen With Switch to BIC/FTC/TAF in Women
  • Studies 1216 and 1160: Bone Changes With Switch to RPV/FTC/TAF
  • NA-ACCORD: Increased MI Risk Among PWH
  • D:A:D: Increased CVD Risk With Boosted PIs
  • Danish HIV Cohort Study: Impact of Smoking on MI Risk
  • D:A:D: Impact of Smoking on MI Risk

In addition, Dr. Kuritzkes and Dr. Ramers discuss relevant data and practical strategies for smoking cessation among people with HIV as well as risk factors, pathogenesis, and challenges in the clinical management of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.

Content based on an online CME program supported by an independent educational grant from ViiV Healthcare.

Link to downloadable slideset associated with this podcast: https://www.clinicaloptions.com/hiv/programs/hiv-challenges/managing-hiv-among-aging-patients/slideset-1-us

Link to full program: https://www.clinicaloptions.com/hiv/programs/hiv-challenges

Information on this Educational Activity


Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harriet Ryan Albee Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD, has disclosed that he has received consulting fees from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Merck, and ViiV Healthcare and funds for research support from Gilead Sciences, Merck, and ViiV Healthcare.
Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH

Associate Clinical Professor
Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine
La Jolla, California
Chief, Population Health
Director, Graduate Medical Education
Family Health Centers of San Diego
San Diego, California

Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH, has disclosed that he has received consulting fees from AbbVie and Gilead Sciences; funds for non-CME/CE services from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, Merck, and ViiV Healthcare; and funds for research support from Gilead Sciences.


Jennifer Blanchette, PhD

Senior Scientific Director

Jennifer Blanchette, PhD, has no relevant conflicts of interest to report.
Edward King, MA

Executive Vice President

Edward King, MA, has no relevant conflicts of interest to report.
Megan K. Murphy, PhD

Scientific Director

Megan K. Murphy, PhD, has no relevant conflicts of interest to report.

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Provided by Clinical Care Options, LLC

Clinical Care Options, LLC
12001 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite 300
Reston, VA

Sophia Kelley

Supported by an educational grant from
ViiV Healthcare

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