HIV Alerts: A Webinar Series on Key Updates in HIV Management

A yearlong series of live Webinars in which expert faculty review key data and provide perspectives on the impact of new developments in HIV care.

Downloadable Slides

In this downloadable slideset, Eric S. Daar, MD, and Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH, review best practices and provide expert opinion in using newly approved ART options for treating patients with HIV.

Released: May 12, 2016

In this downloadable slideset, Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD, and Paul E. Sax, MD, review potential future HIV treatment strategies—including long-acting ART, dual-therapy regimens, and investigational agents—and discuss where these strategies might fit into the current therapeutic landscape.

Released: June 21, 2016

In this downloadable slideset, Susanna Naggie, MD, MHS, and David L. Wyles, MD, review important considerations for managing ART in patients with HCV/HIV coinfection, including guideline recommendations, management of key drug–drug interactions, and potential liver toxicity with some antiretroviral agents.

Released: July 22, 2016

In this downloadable slideset, Eric S. Daar, MD, and Paul E. Sax, MD, review recent updates to expert guideline recommendations for ART—including new initial therapy recommendations, revised guidance on switch strategies for virologically suppressed patients, and other key recommendation updates.

Released: September 19, 2016

In this downloadable slide set, David A. Wohl, MD discusses best practices and provides expert opinion on the clinical management of aging HIV infected patients, with a focus on common comorbidities and pharmacotherapy concerns in this growing patient population.

Released: December 2, 2016

In this downloadable slideset, Sally Hodder, MD, and Kathleen E. Squires, MD, review important considerations and best practices when providing care for HIV-infected women. Topics addressed include the latest safety and efficacy data on newer ART regimens in women, reproductive health management in women living with HIV, management of ART in the setting of pregnancy, and key HIV prevention considerations for women at risk of HIV infection.

Released: December 12, 2016

In this downloadable slideset, Jared M. Baeten, MD, PhD, and Myron S. Cohen, MD, review best practices for PrEP for individuals at high risk for HIV infection and discuss potential future HIV prevention strategies, including on-demand PrEP and long-acting injectable, antibody, and vaginal ring therapies.

Released: December 30, 2016
Jointly provided by the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower and Clinical Care Options, LLC

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Supported by independent educational grants from
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