What’s Hot in HIV Treatment

Watch the discussion and download slides from this engaging satellite presented in conjunction with AIDS 2020: Virtual. Gain expert insights on the latest issues relating to HIV care through cases and expert dialogue. Topics covered include optimal use of newer ARVs, individualizing ART for women of childbearing potential and during pregnancy, evolving data on adverse events during ART, and anticipated roles of emerging ART strategies.
Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH
Program Director
Linda-Gail Bekker, MBChB, DTM&H, DCH, FCP(SA), PhD
Pedro Cahn, MD, PhD
Laura Waters, FRCP, MD

On Demand Webcast

Watch this on-demand video capture of an AIDS 2020 satellite symposium. Expert faculty review the latest data and guidance related to HIV treatment and engage in case-based expert discussion on topics including integrating new ART regimens, women of childbearing potential and pregnancy, adverse events, and investigational ART strategies.

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