Lessons Learned on Long-Acting ART: Implementation Insights From European Pioneers

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Learn about the implementation of long-acting ART into practice from pioneering European healthcare professionals and a patient receiving long-acting ART. Hear their considerations for determining candidates for long-acting ART, optimal administration techniques, clinic infrastructure needed, and what the future of long-acting ART might look like.
Stephane De Wit, MD, PhD
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Anonymous Patient


I serve a population of migrant PWH in Belgium who I believe would benefit from long-acting ART. Do you have patients who could use long-acting ART who have not yet been included in this strategy?

Stephane De Wit, MD, PhD Released: October 12, 2022

Read about my experience with long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy over the past 8 years.

person default Anonymous Patient Released: November 16, 2022
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