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Key Decisions in HIV Care: ART Considerations With Coinfections

In this on-demand recording of a live webinar, expert faculty review key considerations when choosing ART for patients with coinfections including for patients with HBV/HIV and TB/HIV.
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Daria Podlekareva, MD, PhD
Mark S. Sulkowski, MD
Released: January 10, 2022

In this episode from the series “Key Decisions in HIV Care,” Daria Podlekareva, MD, PhD, and Mark S. Sulkowski, MD, discuss important considerations for ART use in patients with coinfections, including:

  • DHHS testing and treatment recommendations for HBV in patients with HIV
  • Data suggesting that tenofovir alone may not suppress HBV in all PWH
  • Data from NA-ACCORD showing that incomplete HBV DNA suppression is associated with HCC in patients with HIV/HBV
  • Data for the use of entecavir as an add-on therapy if an HIV ART regimen is not HBV active
  • Data showing that lamivudine alone is associated with resistance in patients with HIV/HBV
  • Discussion of HBV management in the setting of 2-drug regimens for HIV if the patient is coinfected
  • Recommendations from the DHHS, EACS, and WHO to start ART as soon as possible in patients with TB/HIV coinfection
  • Data from the SAPiT, ACTG A5221 STRIDE, and CAMELIA studies to show the benefits of early ART in patients with TB/HIV
  • Recommendations from the EACS guidelines on what ART regimens are recommended with TB/HIV
  • Drug-drug interaction considerations between ART and TB treatment
  • Discussion of the prevention and management of TB-associated IRIS


Educational grant provided by:
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP
ViiV Healthcare

Information on this Educational Activity


Daria Podlekareva, MD, PhD
Daria Podlekareva, MD, PhD, has no relevant conflicts of interest to report.
Mark S. Sulkowski, MD

Professor of Medicine
Medical Director,
Viral Hepatitis Center
Chief, Infectious Disease
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland

Mark S. Sulkowski, MD, has disclosed that he has received funds for research support from AbbVie, Assembly Bio, Gilead Sciences, and Janssen and consulting fees from AbbVie, Antios, Arbutus, Assembly Bio, Gilead Sciences, ViiV, and Virion.

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