2017 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections*

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February 13-16, 2017; Seattle, Washington
Get up to date on the latest HIV data with rapid Capsule Summaries, downloadable slidesets, and live, expert-led Webinars covering key studies from Seattle.
Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH
Charles B. Hicks, MD

New Data from CROI 2017

In this Expert Analysis, Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH, and Charles B. Hicks, MD, provide an in-depth discussion of the most clinically relevant new data on the management of patients with HIV infection presented at CROI 2017.

Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH Charles B. Hicks, MD Physicians: maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit Registered Nurses: 1.0 Nursing contact hour Released: April 27, 2017 Expired: No longer available for credit

Listen to this downloadable audio from a live Webinar in which an expert faculty member discusses the clinical impact of new data reported at the Seattle meeting.

Released: March 3, 2017

Expert faculty members Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH, and Charles B. Hicks, MD, summarize key studies from this important annual conference.

Released: March 3, 2017


Recent data highlighting the potential for CNS effects with newer INSTIs has given me a sense of déjà vu about how we once approached the same issue with efavirenz. Here’s my take on what we know and how to proceed.

Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH Released: April 5, 2017

PrEP offers an important option for curtailing HIV transmission. This review of new data from CROI emphasizes what management considerations must accompany its use.

Charles B. Hicks, MD Released: April 27, 2017
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