4th HIV Research for Prevention Conference (HIVR4P // Virtual)

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January 27-28 and February 3-4, 2021
CCO is the official provider of online scientific analysis for HIVR4P 2021 through Capsule Summaries, downloadable slides, rapid expert Webinars, podcasts, and ClinicalThought commentaries.

Capsule Summaries


This pooled analysis of the phase IIb AMP studies observed that in vitro susceptibility of circulating HIV-1 isolates to the broadly neutralizing antibody, VRC01, predicts prevention efficacy in MSM, transgender persons, and cisgender women.

Released: February 3, 2021

TAF implants provided complete protection against vaginal SHIV infection, but high rates of dermatologic toxicity were observed at implant sites.

Released: February 3, 2021

Monthly cabotegravir injections were associated with an 89% lower risk of HIV infection vs daily oral TDF/FTC; both strategies were generally safe and well tolerated, with no discontinuations for injection-site reactions.

Released: January 30, 2021

Interim analysis showed that islatravir administered once monthly achieved the prespecified pharmacokinetic threshold for predicted HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis efficacy.

Released: January 30, 2021

In this small pharmacokinetic study, tissue CAB concentrations longitudinally mirrored plasma CAB concentrations with no drug-related ISRs leading to participant withdrawal.

Released: February 6, 2021

Both tenofovir and levonorgestrel met concentration targets in a 90-day trial assessing the TFV/LNG vaginal ring vs placebo, supporting further study of the TFV/LNG ring for HIV prevention.

Released: February 6, 2021

Across 2 independent surveys of US MSM, 10% to 18% of participants indicated a preference for on-demand vs daily PrEP dosing yet only 1% to 3% of current PrEP recipients were using on-demand dosing.

Released: February 9, 2021

In this observational, single-center cohort study, integration of PrEP services at the first antenatal care visit was associated with 91% of women initiating PrEP.

Released: February 9, 2021

Among 622 STI screens among adolescent girls and young women, 34% returned positive, most commonly for chlamydia. Of those diagnosed with an STI, 65% received treatment.

Released: February 9, 2021

The average for self-reported days of PrEP use declined from 74% before COVID-19 restrictions to 58% after in this Amsterdam demonstration project.

Released: February 10, 2021
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