2019 IDWeek, the Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions Workshop, and the European AIDS Conference*

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IDWeek 2019; October 2-6, 2019; Washington, DC
21st International Workshop on Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV; November 5-6, 2019; Basel, Switzerland
17th European AIDS Conference; November 6-9, 2019; Basel, Switzerland
Review the latest findings relevant to HIV care from 3 important international meetings.

European Perspectives

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This large prospective observational study reports that the adjusted odds of pregnancy and live birth were lower prior to implementation of modern ART in 2003.

Released: November 9, 2019

MSM who were younger, new users of PrEP, and those with lower educational levels were at higher risk of PrEP discontinuation.

Released: November 19, 2019

HIV diagnoses have declined dramatically and PrEP use among MSM has expanded as a result of a concentrated HIV prevention effort implemented in the Paris region since 2014.

Released: November 21, 2019

Switch from TDF to TAF in persons with HIV/HBV coinfection and renal impairment maintains viral suppression and improves renal function.

Released: November 19, 2019

Body weight changes with DTG-based ART were progressive and greater in women, more pronounced when paired with FTC/TAF vs FTC/TDF.

Released: November 16, 2019

No significant difference in mean weight gain with switch to INSTI-based ART compared with patients continuing current ART and participants without HIV in the AGEHIV cohort.

Released: November 10, 2019

This proof-of-concept study demonstrated that switching to DTG + 3TC maintained virologic control in INSTI-naive patients with historical 3TC resistance but no 3TC resistance-associated mutations in proviral DNA at baseline according to Sanger sequencing.

Released: November 16, 2019

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