10th IAS Conference on HIV Science

July 21-24, 2019; Mexico City, Mexico
CCO is the official provider of online scientific analysis for the 2019 International AIDS Society meeting through Capsule Summaries, downloadable slides, rapid expert Webinars, and ClinicalThought commentaries.
Brenda E. Crabtree Ramírez, MD
Carlos del Rio, MD
Cristina Mussini, MD
Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP
Jürgen K. Rockstroh, MD
Paul E. Sax, MD


Here’s my summary of new data to look forward to from IAS 2019.

Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP Released: July 16, 2019

Why IAS 2019 data provided me with new tools for my practice and a sense of hope that we can beat HIV.

Brenda E. Crabtree Ramírez, MD Released: August 26, 2019

Patient-reported outcomes on long-acting injectable cabotegravir plus rilpivirine reinforce high treatment acceptance and satisfaction. Here’s my take on what this means for patients and practice.

Paul E. Sax, MD Released: September 12, 2019

Download slide highlights of key studies addressing current issues in HIV care, as reported at this important annual conference.

Brenda E. Crabtree Ramírez, MD Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP Released: August 2, 2019

Listen to downloadable audio from a live Webinar reviewing the most clinically relevant new HIV data on NTD risk in pregnancy, PrEP, first-line therapy, and switch strategies.

Carlos del Rio, MD Released: August 26, 2019

European Perspectives

In this downloadable audio from a live Webinar, gain clinical insights on new HIV data presented at IAS 2019. Areas of focus include NTD risk in pregnancy, PrEP, first-line therapy, switch strategies, and STI prevalence among MSM.

Jürgen K. Rockstroh, MD Released: August 20, 2019

Updated first-line and switch data reinforce the noninferiority of DTG/3TC compared with 3-drug regimens. How will these results affect practice? Here’s my take.

Jürgen K. Rockstroh, MD Released: August 20, 2019

Updated information regarding neural tube defects and weight gain with ART was presented at IAS 2019. These data are important to my practice. Here’s why.

Cristina Mussini, MD Released: September 4, 2019

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