Hepatitis Now: Current Controversies and New Developments in Viral Hepatitis Management

Download slides and audio featuring expert insights on key clinical strategies to meet the most pressing challenges in the management of HCV and HBV.
Robert S. Brown, Jr., MD, MPH
Jordan J. Feld, MD, MPH
Ira M. Jacobson, MD
Nancy Reau, MD

HCC Risk in the DAA Era

See how to weigh the data on managing HCC risk in people infected with HCV.

Jordan J. Feld, MD, MPH Released: May 2, 2019

Listen as expert faculty weighs the data on how to manage HCC risk in people infected with HCV.

Jordan J. Feld, MD, MPH Released: May 3, 2019

Optimal HBV Treatment Duration

In this downloadable slideset, review metrics that determine when to initiate therapy for chronic hepatitis B, criteria for optimal drug selection, and guidance on treatment withdrawal.

Robert S. Brown, Jr., MD, MPH Released: May 28, 2019

Listen to this on-demand audio for expert perspective on when to consider starting or stopping therapy and what agents to use in patients with chronic hepatitis B.

Robert S. Brown, Jr., MD, MPH Released: August 14, 2019

Expanding HBV Treatment Candidacy

In this downloadable slideset, review criteria for initiating HBV therapy, opportunities to broaden candidacy for treatment, and the potential biologic consequences of untreated infection.

Ira M. Jacobson, MD Released: June 21, 2019

Hear expert insights on the evidence for treating patients with immune-tolerant CHB and what ALT threshold should define HBV treatment candidacy in this on-demand audio commentary.

Ira M. Jacobson, MD Released: September 5, 2019

Addressing Gaps in Viral Hepatitis Care

In this downloadable slideset, review gaps identified in the 2019 National Viral Hepatitis Progress Report and key actions to implement in your practice to address them. Learn how new guidance from AASLD may affect your approach.

Nancy Reau, MD Released: November 25, 2019

In this on-demand audio commentary, gain expert insights on the importance of vaccination for hepatitis A and B as well as new guidance from AASLD on HCV screening and treatment.

Nancy Reau, MD Released: December 3, 2019

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