Navigating the Nexus of Addiction, HCV Infection, and HIV Infection

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In this comprehensive online program customized for busy specialists, expert faculty review clinical strategies for preventing and identifying HCV/HIV infection in PWID, along with comanaging addiction in the setting of viral infection.
Sandra Springer, MD
Program Director
Jenna Butner, MD
Chinazo Cunningham, MD, MS
Alain H. Litwin, MD
Tiffany Lu, MD, MS
Christian Ramers Headshot
Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH
Andrew Seaman, MD
Sandra Springer, MD

Video Module

In this interactive video module, CCO’s expert faculty provide insights on the critical role ID specialists and hepatologists can play in addressing the ongoing opioid use disorder (OUD) epidemic and discuss useful strategies for incorporating OUD screening, patient evaluation, and treatment into HIV/HCV care settings.

Sandra Springer, MD
Program Director
Christian Ramers Headshot Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH
Physicians: maximum of 1.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits Registered Nurses: 1.75 Nursing contact hours Pharmacists: 1.75 contact hours (0.175 CEUs) Released: February 6, 2020 Expired: No longer available for credit

Download this slideset to learn more about the integral role infectious disease specialists and hepatologists can play in combatting the opioid use disorder (OUD) epidemic, including essential strategies for integrating OUD screening, evaluation, and treatment into HIV and HCV care settings.

Sandra Springer, MD
Program Director
Christian Ramers Headshot Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH
Released: February 6, 2020

Downloadable Resource

Download this PDF guide outlining key information on identifying and treating opioid use disorder among patients with HIV and or HCV infection.

Jenna Butner, MD Released: May 7, 2020

Download this PDF guide outlining key information on HCV and HIV screening as well as HIV PrEP care essentials for addiction medicine specialists.

Andrew Seaman, MD Released: October 2, 2020


What can you do in your clinic to ensure all people who use drugs are screened for HCV and are offered treatment if they have HCV infection?

Andrew Seaman, MD Released: February 24, 2020

Infectious disease clinicians are well-poised to comanage HIV and opioid use disorder (OUD). Here’s how you can get started on incorporating routine screening and medication treatment for OUD in your practice.

Sandra Springer, MD Released: June 25, 2020

Although it can be challenging, HIV risk counseling is an important component of substance use disorder care. As addiction care providers are considering barriers to these discussions, we need to ask ourselves, if not now, when? Here’s my take on addressing this critical issue.

Jenna Butner, MD Released: August 24, 2020

In parallel with the opioid epidemic, HCV and HIV outbreaks have ravaged through communities with high rates of opioid overdose, placing HCV and HIV clinicians on the frontlines of these colliding epidemics. So, how do we begin to integrate life-saving treatment for OUD into our practices?

Chinazo Cunningham, MD, MS Tiffany Lu, MD, MS Released: October 22, 2020


Listen to an insightful discussion between infectious disease experts, Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH, and Sandra Springer, MD, on current evidence supporting the need for integrated addiction and infectious disease care services.

Christian Ramers Headshot Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH Sandra Springer, MD Released: July 9, 2020

Downloadable Slideset

In this downloadable slideset, CCO’s expert faculty reviews important strategies for expanding addiction medicine services to include prevention, screening, diagnosis, and linkage to HCV and HIV care for patients with opioid use disorder.

Alain H. Litwin, MD Released: September 18, 2020

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