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Noninvasive Tests for NASH

Hear Stephen A. Harrison, MD, COL (Ret.), FAASLD, weigh the latest perspectives on wet biomarkers, imaging, and combination tests for NASH.
Stephen A. Harrison, MD, COL (Ret.), FAASLD
Released: July 7, 2020

Hear Stephen A. Harrison, MD, COL (Ret.), FAASLD, weigh the latest perspectives on wet biomarkers, imaging, and combination tests in NASH, including their use in:

  • Diagnosis of NASH patients with NAS ≥ 4 and fibrosis ≥ F2
  • Assessment of therapeutic response
  • Assessment of long-term patient outcomes

Download the slides from this podcast at: https://www.clinicaloptions.com/internal-medicine/programs/2019-nash-hot-topics/noninvasive-testing-now-and-in-the-future/slideset 

See more NASH topics at: https://www.clinicaloptions.com/internal-medicine/programs/2019-nash-hot-topics 


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