Acute Leukemias: ClinicalThought™ 2016
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    Acute Leukemias: A Collection of Expert Commentaries

    This activity includes a collection of commentaries focused on acute leukemias. Various experts provide practical perspectives on recent treatment advances and everyday clinical challenges.
    Faculty: Dan Douer MD, Farhad Ravandi MD, B. Douglas Smith MD, Jonathan Webster MD
    Released: 9/27/2016
  • How I Interpret Clinical Trial Results to Choose Salvage Immunotherapies for Adult Patients With B-Precursor ALL

    Dan Douer MD - 9/1/2016 3 comments / Last Comment: 10/3/2016
    Are you ready to use immunotherapies for your patients with relapsed/refractory ALL? Dan Douer, MD, provides his interpretation of the data and discusses the benefits and risks of different treatments.
  • Major Discoveries and the Prospect of Improved Patient Survival in AML and ALL

    Farhad Ravandi MD - 7/26/2016 5 comments / Last Comment: 10/17/2016
    Here is an overview of some new approaches for the treatment of AML and ALL that are showing promise in clinical trials.
  • Targeting CD123 in AML

    Jonathan Webster MD - 6/28/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 8/2/2016
    Targeting CD123 in AML with multiple approaches shows promise as a novel treatment for this challenging disease.
  • Addressing Financial Challenges With Use of New Immunotherapies for Relapsed ALL

    Jonathan Webster MD - 5/19/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 6/17/2016
    How do you manage the potential financial challenges to prescribing blinatumomab and other novel immunotherapies for your patients who may benefit from these therapies?
  • Optimizing MRD Assessment in ALL: Why, How, and When

    Dan Douer MD - 4/22/2016 4 comments / Last Comment: 8/5/2016
    Clinical data on MRD assessment in ALL is accumulating, but should you be using it in your practice?
  • Why I Am Optimistic About Recent Progress in AML

    Farhad Ravandi MD - 3/22/2016 5 comments / Last Comment: 8/2/2016
    Farhad Ravandi, MD, presents his thoughts on the most promising treatment advances in AML and how they might be applied in your practice.
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