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  • Avelumab: A New Treatment Paradigm for Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    Howard L. Kaufman MD - 5/19/2017
    In this commentary, Howard L. Kaufman, MD, highlights practice-changing clinical trial results on avelumab, the first FDA-approved treatment for metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma.
  • Triplets and Quadruple Combination Therapy in Multiple Myeloma: When, Why, and How?

    Suzanne Lentzsch MD, PhD - 5/16/2017
    With multiple recent approvals, many options exist for treating patients with myeloma. However, selecting therapy for patients relapsing after exposure to multiple therapies remains a challenge.
  • What Is the Role of Maintenance Therapy in CLL?

    Farrukh Awan MD, MS - 5/16/2017
    Historically, maintenance therapy was considered unnecessary for patients with CLL, but new data may change this practice for some of our patients.
  • Targeted Therapy Beyond EGFR, ALK, and ROS1: A New Frontier in NSCLC Care

    Thomas Stinchcombe MD - 5/10/2017 2 comments / Last Comment: 5/17/2017
    Thomas Stinchcombe, MD, discusses rare driver mutations that will soon affect testing and treatment decisions for patients with advanced NSCLC.
  • Immunotherapy for an Elderly Patient With Symptomatic, Rapidly Progressive MSI-High CRC: A Case Study

    Scott Kopetz MD, PhD, FACP - 5/10/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 5/17/2017
    How can immune checkpoint inhibitors improve outcomes in patients with high-risk, progressive colorectal cancer? Read my thoughts on how I incorporate these agents into my practice.
  • Helping Patients Accept Biosimilars in Oncology Practice

    Sanjiv S. Agarwala MD - 5/1/2017 3 comments / Last Comment: 5/17/2017
    Biosimilars are showing promise in making oncology treatments more affordable and accessible. But are our patients ready?
  • Reflections on Optimizing Biomarker Testing for Colorectal Cancer in the Era of Immunotherapy

    Robert A. Anders MD, PhD - 4/25/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/27/2017
    Using MSI and MMR testing to inform treatment decisions with immune checkpoint inhibitors is improving outcomes in colorectal cancer, but many questions remain. Read our thoughts on how these tools are improving clinical practice.
  • Lenalidomide Now Approved for Maintenance in Myeloma

    Sagar Lonial MD - 4/25/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 5/17/2017
    Lenalidomide is now the first agent approved as maintenance therapy in myeloma after ASCT, but questions remain regarding its optimal use and identification of patients who will benefit the most.
  • How I Manage Ibrutinib-Refractory Patients With CLL Without Del(17p)

    Farrukh Awan MD, MS - 4/13/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/24/2017
    In the past few years, striking progress has been made in the treatment of ibrutinib-refractory CLL. Read my thoughts on how these promising developments might be applied in your practice.
  • Combination Immunotherapy Plus Chemotherapy as First-line Therapy of Advanced NSCLC: Where Are We Now?

    H. Jack West MD - 4/11/2017 6 comments / Last Comment: 5/18/2017
    The combination of pembrolizumab plus carboplatin/pemetrexed for the first-line treatment of advanced NSCLC is currently under review by the FDA. In this commentary, I discuss my thoughts on the use of this regimen in patients with newly diagnosed advanced NSCLC.
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