Advanced Bladder Cancer Treatment: Patient-Specific Expert Insights and Strategies
Source: Immunotherapies in Bladder Cancer Treatment: Expert Insights and Strategies

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Interactive Tool

Use this Interactive Decision Support Tool to enter your patient’s specific characteristics and then see what leading experts in bladder cancer care would choose as their treatment approach. The following faculty provided the treatment recommendations for this tool:

  • • Matthew Galsky, MD
  • • Matthew I. Milowsky, MD
  • • Daniel P. Petrylak, MD
  • • Elizabeth R. Plimack, MD, MS
  • • Jonathan E. Rosenberg, MD

Note: Recommendations were compiled in January 2018 and include the opinions of the experts at that time.

With just a few clicks through pull-down menus, this Interactive Decision Support Tool allows you to enter your patient’s specific characteristics along with the treatment options you would likely choose and then provides expert insight from all 5 bladder cancer experts regarding optimal choices for your individual patient. This tool not only shows you the best treatment choices from 5 bladder cancer experts, but also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback about how the experts’ recommendations influenced your own decision making.

Date posted: 2/8/2018