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  • HBV Infection: When to Treat vs When to Monitor?

    Tram T. Tran MD - 2/21/2018 1 comment / Last Comment: 2/22/2018
    Would you treat or monitor a patient with low HBV DNA levels and high ALT? Here’s my take.
  • How I Manage HCC Risk Following HCV Cure

    Paul Y. Kwo MD - 2/14/2018
    Which patients, who have achieved a sustained virologic response with HCV treatment, need to be screened for hepatocellular carcinoma? Here’s my approach.
  • Adopting Strategies to Eliminate HCV in Persons Who Inject Drugs

    Frederick L. Altice MD - 1/19/2018
    Eliminating HCV infection among persons who inject drugs is a daunting task whether tackling it from a patient care perspective, through practice transformation, or by influencing policies that improve access to treatment. Nonetheless, there are practical steps that can be taken by clinicians to improve the HCV continuum of care for this challenging population. Here’s my take on some of those steps.
  • How New Data From AASLD 2017 Inform the Use of 8-Week Regimens for HCV

    Ira M. Jacobson MD - 1/9/2018 1 comment / Last Comment: 3/1/2018
    How will data presented at AASLD 2017 on 8-week therapy have an impact on management of patients with HCV infection? Here’s my take.
  • New Insights on NAFLD/NASH From AASLD 2017

    Philip Newsome PhD, FRCPE - 1/8/2018 3 comments / Last Comment: 2/13/2018
    Here’s my take on how new data from AASLD 2017 on noninvasive imaging modalities and emerging investigational agents may affect the NAFLD/NASH patient management landscape.
  • How Injection Drug Use Affects HCV Treatment

    Norah Terrault MD, MPH - 1/3/2018 2 comments / Last Comment: 2/14/2018
    Here’s my take on why colocalization of HCV treatment with other medical and social services may be ideal for persons who inject drugs.
  • HCV Prevention in Correctional Settings Is Good Medicine

    Lara Strick MD, MS - 12/12/2017 2 comments / Last Comment: 1/16/2018
    Implementation of prevention services targeting incarcerated patients is possible. Let me tell you why.
  • HBV Treatment at AASLD 2017: My Take on New Data

    Tram T. Tran MD - 11/30/2017 6 comments / Last Comment: 1/24/2018
    At AASLD 2017, exciting new data were presented on both current and investigational therapies for chronic HBV infection.
  • Extending HCV Care Past Cure to Prevent Reinfection in High-Risk Populations

    Christian B. Ramers MD, MPH - 11/30/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 1/24/2018
    With long-term health and wellness as a framing principle, curing HCV is not the finish line but rather a starting point for a conversation about maintaining wellness, preventing progression of liver disease, addressing harmful drug and alcohol habits, and, of importance, preventing HCV reinfection.
  • The Impact of New Options for DAA-Experienced Patients With HCV

    Jordan J. Feld MD, MPH - 11/16/2017 4 comments / Last Comment: 2/21/2018
    With the approvals of SOF/VEL/VOX and GLE/PIB, what is the new management approach for DAA-experienced patients with HCV infection?
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