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  • My Take on New PrEP Data From CROI 2017

    Charles B. Hicks MD - 4/27/2017
    PrEP offers an important option for curtailing HIV transmission. This review of new data from CROI emphasizes what management considerations must accompany its use.
  • How New Data From CROI 2017 May Inform Switch Strategies in HIV-Infected Patients With Poor Bone Health

    Charles B. Hicks MD - 4/21/2017
    Is switching TDF to TAF justified in osteopenic women?
  • How New Data From CROI 2017 May Renew Interest in NNRTIs

    Charles B. Hicks MD - 4/21/2017
    How do phase III data on doravirine affect the potential for future therapy with NNRTIs?
  • Optimal ART During Late Pregnancy After a Break in Therapy

    Kathleen E. Squires MD - 4/20/2017
    Which regimen may work best during the third trimester?
  • How New Data From CROI 2017 May Inform Treatment Simplification Options

    Charles B. Hicks MD - 4/20/2017
    Is the switch to a 2-drug regimen in virologically suppressed HIV-infected patients feasible?
  • The Promise of Long-Acting Injectable Antiretroviral Therapies

    Paul E. Sax MD - 4/12/2017
    Will long-acting cabotegravir plus rilpivirine injections satisfy patient desire for less frequent dosing? Here is my take.
  • An Aging Woman With Renal Disease and BMD Concerns: Is Dual Therapy an Option?

    Paul E. Sax MD - 4/11/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/22/2017
    Here is my take on current data with dual-therapy regimens and when they might be considered.
  • Avoiding Drug Interactions Among Hormonal Oral Contraceptives and ARVs

    Kathleen E. Squires MD - 4/10/2017
    Which ARV classes best avoid DDIs with hormonal contraception?
  • How Investigational Therapies May Fit Into the HIV Treatment Landscape

    Paul E. Sax MD - 4/10/2017 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/10/2017
    Here is my take on how emerging investigational agents may address unmet needs in HIV treatment.
  • Optimal First-line ART for an Older Woman With Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Minor Diminution of Renal Function

    Kathleen E. Squires MD - 4/10/2017
    What key factors influence the choice of ART in older women?
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