Contemporary Management of HIV: Managing ART in HIV-Infected Patients With Common Comorbidities
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Contemporary Management of HIV: Managing ART in HIV-Infected Patients With Common Comorbidities

In this downloadable slideset, David A. Wohl, MD, and Program Director Eric S. Daar, MD, review key data and optimal approaches for managing ART in the context of common comorbidities.
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Date posted: 1/20/2017
  • Clinical Case: Estimating Cardiovascular Disease Risk With the ASCVD Event Calculator

    David A. Wohl MD - 9/16/2015    1 comment / Last Comment: 9/17/2015
    How I used the ASCVD event calculator to estimate CVD risk for an HIV-infected patient with stably suppressed HIV-1 RNA.
  • My Approach to First-line ART for Patients With High Cardiovascular Disease Risk

    William G. Powderly MD - 10/6/2015    4 comments / Last Comment: 11/8/2015
    When treating HIV in patients with risk factors for CVD, selecting the optimal ART regimen is only part of the equation.
  • Why ART Trials Specific to Women Are Important

    Kathleen E. Squires MD - 9/28/2016    2 comments / Last Comment: 10/19/2016
    Although almost one half of new HIV infections worldwide occur in women, to date, clinical trials for FDA-approved ART regimens have largely been conducted in men. Here is my take on why women-specific ART trials are important.
  • ART in Older Patients: How I Manage Drug–Drug Interactions With Concomitant Medications

    Anton L. Pozniak MD, FRCP - 10/20/2015    16 comments / Last Comment: 5/10/2016
    As our patients age, they experience metabolic changes and more frequently develop conditions such as bone mineral density loss, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and malignancies, all of which will affect the choice of first-line ART.
  • Selecting First-line Antiretroviral Therapy in Older Patients: New Data, New Options, Key Considerations

    Giovanni Guaraldi MD - 12/16/2015    2 comments / Last Comment: 2/10/2016
    The management of ART in patients aging with HIV requires clinicians to maintain a detailed knowledge of physical and psychological patient health in order to tailor the most appropriate ART regimen.