2011 IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention
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    2011 IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention
    July 17-20, 2011 | Rome, Italy
    CCO's official conference coverage of the 2011 IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention includes capsule summaries, expert faculty analysis of clinically relevant data presented at the meeting, audio podcasts and a downloadable slideset that focuses on key issues highlighted at the conference.
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    Review data from this important international meeting with expert faculty Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP; Ian M. Sanne, MBBCH, FCP(SA); and Kimberly Y. Smith, MD, MPH, and see how they would apply this information to care of their HIV-infected patients.
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    Beatriz Grinsztejn, MD, PhD, and Jean Nachega, MD, PhD, discuss the challenges and forward momentum of HIV treatment in resource-limited settings, particularly sub-Saharan Africa.
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    In this downloadable slideset, Eric S. Daar, MD, and Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH, review key studies from the 2011 International AIDS Society conference.
    Date Posted: 8/3/2011
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Conference News – Reported by NAM

What's next for HIV prevention? Paying people to be healthy
Infant prophylaxis during breastfeeding reduces risk of HIV infection by 71%
Another NRTI-sparing regimen does well in treatment-naive patients
Gay men’s PrEP study final results: near 90% efficacy in men who took drug, but adherence even lower than thought
New NNRTI lersivirine matches efavirenz in phase 2 study
HIV vaccine technologists edge nearer to effective designs
Hormonal contraceptive use increases women’s risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV
Task-shifting of HIV care to nurses: successes, but problems to watch out for
Once-daily elvitegravir matches raltegravir
HIV treatment in primary infection: 48 week course modestly delays CD4 drop
The roll-out of male circumcision: reduction in HIV prevalence, condom use maintained
Cognitive impairment still common but ART reduces risk
From 'what if' to 'what now': implementing the new prevention technologies
Maraviroc improves liver fibrosis in HIV/hepatitis C co-infected patients
Treatment as prevention: what are the next steps?
Small study shows women on stable HIV therapy have very low levels of HIV and high drug concentrations in genital fluids
Raltegravir combined with Kaletra associated with good preservation of bone density over 96 weeks
South Africa’s PMTCT programme reduces mother-to-child transmission to under 4%
Daily aciclovir slows HIV disease progression and reduces viral load
Viral suppression reduces HIV risk despite more sex and ‘condom fatigue’ in patients starting treatment in Cameroon
Testing project using social networks in rural Tanzania effective in identifying people with undiagnosed infection
How best to deploy point-of-care CD4 cell testing in resource-limited settings?
Pre-exposure prophylaxis does work for women, two studies find
HPTN 052: early treatment reduces serious illness by 40% 
Treatment is prevention: HPTN 052 study shows 96% reduction in transmission when HIV-positive partner starts treatment early
Bacterial vaginosis raises women’s risk of transmitting HIV
Doubt remains if HIV therapy increases the risk of fragility fractures
Marker of cardiovascular disease also associated with bone problems in patients with HIV
The research agenda for antiretroviral prevention – now it gets complex
Rome IAS conference is 'landmark moment' for HIV science, say experts
Antiretroviral prevention methods 'not in competition' with each other

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