8th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention*
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    8th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention*
    July 19-22, 2015 | Vancouver, Canada
    CCO is the official provider of online scientific analysis for the 2015 International AIDS Society meeting, through Capsule Summaries, downloadable slides, and CME-certified faculty analysis of key studies.
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    In this Expert Analysis, Andrew Carr, MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCPA; Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH; and Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP, provide a comprehensive review of key data on the prevention and management of HIV infection presented at the 8th Conference of the International AIDS Society.
  • Featured content
    In this downloadable slideset, Andrew Carr, MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCPA; Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH; and Anton L. Pozniak, MD, FRCP, review key studies presented at the 2015 International AIDS Society conference.
    Date Posted: 8/4/2015
  • Here is my take on the most anticipated studies that will be presented in Vancouver this year.
    Date Posted: 7/17/2015
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Conference News – Reported by NAM

New NNRTI doravirine suppresses HIV as well as efavirenz but with fewer central nervous system side-effects
Same-day start to antiretroviral treatment leads to faster HIV suppression in San Francisco
Opioid substitution therapy combined with HIV treatment saves the lives of more drug users than ART alone
Younger gay men have much lower risk of acquiring HIV than previous generations, but racial disparities persist
Half of African migrants diagnosed with HIV in France acquired HIV while living there
Next-generation maturation inhibitor BMS-955176 shows good antiviral activity in combination with atazanavir
Intermittent PrEP may be a robust strategy for anal sex – vaginal much less certain
'Nuanced' sero-adaptive behaviours being used by Australian and American gay men 
Treatment cascades show 90-90-90 goal within reach for some – but Eastern Europe lags behind Africa
The pros and cons of PrEP: trial volunteers recount their experience of the ADAPT study
Cash compensation encourages uptake of circumcision, PMTCT services
Active invitation and tracing more likely to get men involved in couples HIV counselling and testing
Cash to stay in school doesn’t reduce HIV incidence in South African study – but school attendance protected young women against HIV
START trial provides definitive evidence of the benefits of early HIV treatment
Innovative approaches to linkage to care boost clinic visits, HIV treatment uptake in African study 
Non-daily PrEP regimens provide extra options, but adherence is often better with daily dosing
Targets proliferate in HIV cure research
No HIV infections from partners with fully suppressed viral load during long-term follow up of landmark treatment as prevention trial
Young woman stays undetectable for twelve years off treatment after early HIV therapy
Presumptive treatment of TB in advanced HIV no better than giving ART and isoniazid
Access to screening and treatment are key issues for hepatitis B and C and HIV/viral hepatitis co-infection
Vancouver Consensus Statement calls for early access to treatment and PrEP worldwide
World Health Organization urges more HIV testing by non-medical staff, outside of clinical settings, targeted to those who need it the most
World Health Organization to recommend HIV treatment for all
Test and treat studies and African countries showing that 90-90-90 targets are achievable

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