21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016)
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    21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016)
    July 18-22, 2016 | Durban, South Africa
    CCO is the official provider of online scientific analysis for the 2016 International AIDS Society meeting, through Capsule Summaries, downloadable slides, and CME-certified faculty analysis of key studies on HIV treatment and prevention.
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    In this Expert Analysis, Andrew Carr, MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCPA; Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD; and Ian M. Sanne, MBBCH, FCP(SA), provide a comprehensive review of key data on the prevention and management of HIV infection from the 2016 International AIDS Conference.
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Conference News – Reported by NAM

START analysis looks at who benefits most from immediate HIV treatment
Training community health workers to perform intensified TB case finding associated with a surge in TB diagnoses in a rural Malawi study
Searching for the next ‘Berlin patient’: doctors document bone-marrow recipients with HIV
PrEP rollout recipients in France top 1000: full trial results report 97% effectiveness
Stigma persists in the undetectable era
Reducing clinic visits can support retention in HIV care, African studies show
High-dose rifampicin for TB treatment regimen may improve survival in people with low CD4 cell counts
Early HIV treatment: mothers say they need time to think
Mapping local HIV epidemics can help target resources to areas with the greatest need
Women with HIV have higher risk of loss to follow-up and death after delivery
Phone and home visit follow-up and appointment trackers improve retention in HIV care for pregnant women and new mothers
Once-daily raltegravir works as well as twice-daily for initial HIV treatment
Bone loss partially recovers after stopping PrEP, twice-yearly kidney monitoring is enough for most
Dolutegravir plus lamivudine dual therapy works well as initial HIV treatment
Access to HIV home tests doubles the frequency of HIV testing in Australian gay men
'Test and treat': large study fails to show an impact on new HIV infections
Earlier HIV treatment is not over-burdening health services
Long-acting injectable drugs work well for HIV maintenance therapy
Viral load pilot study shows roll-out will depend on an educated workforce
World’s largest study of HIV self-testing gets off the ground
Australia adopts ambitious plan to use PrEP to ‘virtually eliminate’ HIV by 2020
Market constraints and uncertainties may limit the scale-up of HIV self-testing
Sofosbuvir/velpatasvir shows high cure rate in HIV/HCV co-infection study
Starting treatment on the day of HIV diagnosis improves retention and viral suppression, Haiti study shows
PrEP can further reduce the risk of HIV infection after a partner starts treatment
Young gay men can do well on PrEP, but may need more support
SEARCH study exceeds 90-90-90 targets after 2 years of 'test and treat' for HIV in rural East Africa
South Africa has driven mother-to-child HIV transmission down to 4%
HIV will only be cured with combinations too, conference delegates hear
Progress towards 90-90-90 targets in southern Africa: find the men!
Far fewer people drop out of HIV care in South Africa than previously thought 
HIV criminalisation on the rise, especially in sub-Saharan Africa
New strategy aims to end AIDS in children by 2020
More confidence on zero risk: still no transmissions seen from people with an undetectable viral load in PARTNER study
It’s all go for a new HIV vaccine efficacy trial this year
Comprehensive services for sex workers reduce detectable viral load, but enhanced ARV services provide no extra benefit
HIV treatment programmes need to prepare for the 'youth bulge', South African experience shows
PrEP use exceeds 79,000 in US pharmacy survey, but some groups lagging behind 
Strong association between sexual violence and African women acquiring HIV in Europe
Gains in curbing HIV epidemic could be lost without continued commitment, AIDS 2016 speakers say
TB2016 demands a global commitment to end TB
Progress towards 90-90-90 targets is promising, but funding is the critical step, says UNAIDS leader
Young women treated in very early HIV infection stay HIV negative and preserve immune function
Shortened regimen for MDR-TB shows good results for children
PrEP researchers now focusing on the best ways to get PrEP to people who need it

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