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  • How I Adapt CLL Treatment to Evolving Molecular Considerations

    Andrew D. Zelenetz MD, PhD - 8/9/2016 10 comments / Last Comment: 8/20/2016
    How should factors such as del(17q) and IgHV mutations be leveraged to individualize treatment in CLL?
  • An Interactive Online Tool Featuring Expert Recommendations for Advanced NSCLC

    David R. Gandara MD - 8/5/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 8/22/2016
    Are you interested in seeing treatment recommendations from 5 lung cancer experts?
  • Liquid Biopsy Testing in NSCLC: How, Why, and When

    Thomas Stinchcombe MD - 8/3/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 8/12/2016
    Curious about the newer liquid biopsy tests for mutations? Thomas Stinchcombe, MD, shares his thoughts on the appropriate use of these new assays in lung cancer.
  • Major Discoveries and the Prospect of Improved Patient Survival in AML and ALL

    Farhad Ravandi MD - 7/26/2016
    Here is an overview of some new approaches for the treatment of AML and ALL that are showing promise in clinical trials.
  • My Thoughts on Immunotherapy and PD-L1 Testing in Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma

    Leora Horn MD, MSc, FRCPC - 7/8/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 7/12/2016
    Are you considering immunotherapy for your patients with metastatic lung adenocarcinoma? Leora Horn, MD, MSc, FRCPC, shares her thoughts on the role of PD-L1 testing in selection of immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • How I Manage Treatment-Related Toxicity in Refractory Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

    John L. Marshall MD - 7/1/2016 4 comments / Last Comment: 8/1/2016
    Treatment decisions in the refractory setting must consider the accumulated toxicities that patients have endured during previous rounds of therapy as well as the additional potential toxicities associated with the next treatment.
  • Targeting CD123 in AML

    Jonathan Webster MD - 6/28/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 8/2/2016
    Targeting CD123 in AML with multiple approaches shows promise as a novel treatment for this challenging disease.
  • How I Choose Second-line Treatment After Crizotinib Failure in Advanced NSCLC

    Tony Mok MD - 6/20/2016 5 comments / Last Comment: 8/9/2016
    Despite improving outcomes for patients with ALK-positive NSCLC, many patients will relapse on initial therapy with crizotinib. In this commentary, I review second-generation ALK inhibitors that are becoming available as second-line therapy and provide considerations for matching specific agents to patients.
  • Biologic Therapies in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Mastering Your Moves Beyond First Line

    John L. Marshall MD - 6/10/2016 7 comments / Last Comment: 7/31/2016
    Selecting therapies for metastatic CRC through subsequent lines of therapy can often feel like a chess match. Here’s my approach.
  • Expert Perspective on the Top Hematologic Malignancy Studies From the 2016 Clinical Oncology Meeting

    Shaji Kumar MD - 5/31/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 6/1/2016
    Here are expert thoughts on the hematologic malignancies abstracts from ASCO 2016 that have the most potential to change clinical practice.
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