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  • What You Need to Know About CAR T Cells

    B. Douglas Smith MD - 2/4/2016
    CAR T-cell therapeutics have been big news this year—here is what you need to know.
  • Newly Approved: T-VEC for Melanoma After Resection

    Howard L. Kaufman MD - 1/11/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 1/13/2016
    I examine the appropriate and effective use of T-VEC for treatment of recurrent melanoma after primary surgical resection in a comorbid, elderly patient.
  • How I Manage Immunotherapy-Related Adverse Events in My Patients Receiving Blinatumomab

    Elias Jabbour MD - 11/17/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 11/19/2015
    I discuss a patient with ALL who received immunotherapy and how we managed the associated adverse events.
  • Taking a BiTE Out of ALL

    Elias Jabbour MD - 10/16/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 10/20/2015
    My patient with relapse/refractory ALL reminds me of the challenges of treating this disease and highlights the promising utility of BiTEs in this setting.
  • Management of Patients With Localized Follicular Lymphoma

    Farrukh Awan MD, MS - 7/29/2015 10 comments / Last Comment: 9/12/2015
    I provide insights and discuss the current state of management for patients with localized follicular lymphoma.
  • Anti-CD20 Antibodies in CLL: What to Do in Regular Practice

    John M. Burke MD - 7/9/2015 2 comments / Last Comment: 9/21/2015
    How I select between available anti-CD20 antibodies for patients with CLL.
  • How Can We Further Improve Outcomes in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia?

    Farhad Ravandi MD - 6/18/2015 3 comments / Last Comment: 8/27/2015
    Farhad Ravandi, MD, provides insight as to how he manages acute promyelocytic leukemia cases.
  • The CLL Treatment Revolution

    Jeff P. Sharman MD - 5/26/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 8/7/2015
    Expert insight on treatment selection for patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
  • Targeted Therapy for Indolent Lymphomas: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading

    Steven M. Horwitz MD - 5/26/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 6/15/2015
    How do recent advances in targeted therapies affect patients with less common forms of indolent non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma?
  • A CML Patient With Elevated BCR-ABL at 3 Months: To Switch or Not to Switch?

    Elias Jabbour MD - 4/27/2015 8 comments / Last Comment: 9/30/2015
    Knowing when to switch treatment based on BCR-ABL levels is key to effective CML therapy.
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