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  • New Options for Patients With Relapsed/Refractory ALL

    Elias Jabbour MD - 2/20/2015
    The use of novel targeted therapies and immunotherapies is showing promise in ALL. These agents are achieving great responses not only in pediatric patients but also in adult patients with relapsed/refractory ALL.
  • Is Immune Modulation the Future of Therapy in Follicular Lymphoma?

    Andrew D. Zelenetz MD, PhD - 2/11/2015
    Insights on the utility of immunotherapy in follicular lymphoma from recent clinical trials.
  • Why I Don’t Routinely Screen Asymptomatic White Males for Prostate Cancer

    Derek Raghavan MD, PhD, FACP - 7/29/2013 11 comments / Last Comment: 8/23/2013
    Align your practice with evolving guidelines to avoid unnecessary testing of your patients with prostate cancer
  • Adding Radium-223 to Our Current Treatment Paradigm for Metastatic CRPC: My Thoughts

    David I. Quinn MD, PhD - 5/22/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/29/2013
    Radium-223 extended survival in CRPC with minimal toxicity in the ALSYMPCA randomized phase III trial. So when and how should this new therapeutic agent be used in our practices?
  • CML: Why Early Response Matters

    Elias Jabbour MD - 5/20/2013 9 comments / Last Comment: 6/30/2014
    Response is the key prognostic factor for long-term outcomes in patients with CML. In this ClinicalThought post, I discuss why early response matters and offer suggestions on managing patients without optimal responses.
  • What Is the Best Approach in MDS When Hypomethylating Agents Fail?

    Jamile Shammo MD, FASCP, FACP - 5/1/2013 1 comment / Last Comment: 8/11/2013
    Currently, there is no well-defined second-line or salvage therapy for these patients. Nevertheless, there are some data to guide use of available salvage regimens.
  • Bladder Cancer: Are Changes in Chemotherapy Warranted?

    Derek Raghavan MD, PhD, FACP - 4/26/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/20/2013
    The NCCN recently updated its guidelines for the use of chemotherapy in patients with bladder cancer. In this ClinicalThought, I explore which of these changes should definitely be applied in clinical practice and which I believe have only limited evidence to support them.
  • How I Manage Patients With Relapsed/Refractory T-Cell Lymphomas

    Francine Foss MD - 4/25/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 5/5/2014
    Once patients with T-cell lymphomas relapse, they can be very challenging to treat. In this post, I explore treatment options and provide recommendations for these patients.
  • How Do We Improve Current Therapy for MCL? Here Are 4 Promising Possibilities

    James O. Armitage MD - 4/24/2013 9 comments / Last Comment: 4/20/2014
    Several recent reports of the incorporation of other drugs into the management of mantle cell lymphoma are encouraging and predict a brighter future.
  • HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: How Do You Present the Choices to Your Patient?

    Mohammad  Jahanzeb MD - 4/16/2013 13 comments / Last Comment: 6/29/2014
    With additional treatment options for trastuzumab-resistant/refractory HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, come new challenges in presenting their complexities to patients. In this post, I offer my perspective on framing the patient-centered discussion.
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