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  • My Thoughts on Molecular Profiling in Colorectal Cancer

    John L. Marshall MD - 5/3/2016
    John L. Marshall, MD, has disclosed that he has received consulting fees, funds for research support, and funds for non-CME/CE services from Amgen, Bayer, Celgene, Genentech, and Taiho.
  • Osimertinib: A New EGFR Inhibitor to Overcome Acquired Resistance in Advanced NSCLC

    Suresh S. Ramalingam MD - 4/29/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 5/3/2016
    With the approval of the third-generation EGFR TKI osimertinib, clinicians now have a treatment option for many patients with advanced NSCLC who develop resistance to first-line EGFR TKI therapy.
  • Optimizing MRD Assessment in ALL: Why, How, and When

    Dan Douer MD - 4/22/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/26/2016
    Clinical data on MRD assessment in ALL is accumulating, but should you be using it in your practice?
  • How I Individualize Frontline CLL Therapy in My Practice

    Jacqueline Barrientos MD - 3/29/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/12/2016
    I discuss experience-based and evidence-based rationale behind frontline treatment selection for individual patients with CLL and highlight an online treatment decision aid that you can use.
  • New Antiangiogenic Options for Patients With Advanced NSCLC

    Giorgio Scagliotti MD - 3/22/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 3/26/2016
    The expanding treatment landscape in advanced NSCLC makes it more challenging to choose second-line therapy for our patients. In this ClinicalThought, I provide my perspectives on the new antiangiogenic therapies.
  • Why I Am Optimistic About Recent Progress in AML

    Farhad Ravandi MD - 3/22/2016 4 comments / Last Comment: 4/20/2016
    Farhad Ravandi, MD, presents his thoughts on the most promising treatment advances in AML and how they might be applied in your practice.
  • My Thoughts on Necitumumab for Patients With Newly Diagnosed Squamous NSCLC

    David R. Gandara MD - 3/2/2016 4 comments / Last Comment: 4/9/2016
    Are you considering necitumumab for your patients with squamous NSCLC? David R. Gandara, MD, shares his thoughts on using this agent.
  • New Immunotherapeutic Combinations for Hematologic Malignancies

    Jonathan Webster MD - 2/26/2016 1 comment / Last Comment: 2/29/2016
    Explore the latest immunotherapeutic combinations for treatment of hematologic malignancies.
  • Changing Clinical Practice in CLL

    Jacqueline Barrientos MD - 2/25/2016 2 comments / Last Comment: 4/15/2016
    Review my insights on recently presented data in the rapid evolution of management approaches for CLL.
  • What You Need to Know About CAR T Cells

    Jonathan Webster MD - 2/4/2016 6 comments / Last Comment: 4/1/2016
    CAR T-cell therapeutics have been big news this year—here is what you need to know.
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