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  • Why I Don’t Routinely Screen Asymptomatic White Males for Prostate Cancer

    Derek Raghavan MD, PhD, FACP - 7/29/2013 11 comments / Last Comment: 8/23/2013
    Align your practice with evolving guidelines to avoid unnecessary testing of your patients with prostate cancer
  • Adding Radium-223 to Our Current Treatment Paradigm for Metastatic CRPC: My Thoughts

    David I. Quinn MD, PhD - 5/22/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/29/2013
    Radium-223 extended survival in CRPC with minimal toxicity in the ALSYMPCA randomized phase III trial. So when and how should this new therapeutic agent be used in our practices?
  • CML: Why Early Response Matters

    Elias Jabbour MD - 5/20/2013 9 comments / Last Comment: 6/30/2014
    Response is the key prognostic factor for long-term outcomes in patients with CML. In this ClinicalThought post, I discuss why early response matters and offer suggestions on managing patients without optimal responses.
  • What Is the Best Approach in MDS When Hypomethylating Agents Fail?

    Jamile Shammo MD, FASCP, FACP - 5/1/2013 1 comment / Last Comment: 8/11/2013
    Currently, there is no well-defined second-line or salvage therapy for these patients. Nevertheless, there are some data to guide use of available salvage regimens.
  • Bladder Cancer: Are Changes in Chemotherapy Warranted?

    Derek Raghavan MD, PhD, FACP - 4/26/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/20/2013
    The NCCN recently updated its guidelines for the use of chemotherapy in patients with bladder cancer. In this ClinicalThought, I explore which of these changes should definitely be applied in clinical practice and which I believe have only limited evidence to support them.
  • How I Manage Patients With Relapsed/Refractory T-Cell Lymphomas

    Francine Foss MD - 4/25/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 5/5/2014
    Once patients with T-cell lymphomas relapse, they can be very challenging to treat. In this post, I explore treatment options and provide recommendations for these patients.
  • How Do We Improve Current Therapy for MCL? Here Are 4 Promising Possibilities

    James O. Armitage MD - 4/24/2013 9 comments / Last Comment: 4/20/2014
    Several recent reports of the incorporation of other drugs into the management of mantle cell lymphoma are encouraging and predict a brighter future.
  • HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: How Do You Present the Choices to Your Patient?

    Mohammad  Jahanzeb MD - 4/16/2013 13 comments / Last Comment: 6/29/2014
    With additional treatment options for trastuzumab-resistant/refractory HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, come new challenges in presenting their complexities to patients. In this post, I offer my perspective on framing the patient-centered discussion.
  • MPACT Study: Finally, Some Good News in Pancreatic Cancer

    Alan P. Venook MD - 4/3/2013 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/13/2014
    For 17 years, no agent has been shown to improve survival by more than 1 month when combined with gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer. Now, a clinically meaningful benefit has been shown for the addition of nab-paclitaxel.
  • Antigen-Based Vaccines: Will This Provide an Improvement in Standard of Care for Patients With Lung Cancer?

    Corey J. Langer MD, FACP - 3/27/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 6/8/2013
    Although promising, several unanswered questions must be addressed to make the use of vaccines in the treatment of lung cancer a reality.
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