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  • How Does the AASLD/IDSA HCV Guidance Weigh in on Management of HIV Coinfection?

    Douglas T. Dieterich MD - 10/9/2014
    There is great interest in offering coinfected patients the same opportunity for cure as monoinfected patients. The AASLD/IDSA guidance has developed recommendations aimed at maximizing cure in different populations of coinfected individuals.
  • My Take on the Guidance From AASLD/IDSA for Treating Interferon-Ineligible Patients With Genotype 1 HCV Infection

    Paul Y. Kwo MD - 10/9/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 10/16/2014
    Historically, evaluating patients for interferon eligibility was critical. Today, interferon-free regimens are evolving and soon they will be standard practice for even the most difficult-to-treat disease.
  • Delivering on the Promise: Maximizing SVR in the Real World

    Jordan J. Feld MD, MPH - 10/6/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 10/13/2014
    Delivering the successes of recent HCV therapy trials to the real world will take some work, but here is how it can be achieved.
  • Prioritizing Patients for HCV Therapy: The Case for Treating Before Advanced Disease

    Nancy Reau MD - 9/23/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 10/4/2014
    Despite remarkable advances in curative treatments for HCV, many patients are being denied insurance coverage, as priority access to these costly medications is given to those with advanced disease.
  • Are New HCV Therapies Ready for Use in Transplant Patients?

    Paul Y. Kwo MD - 7/10/2014 4 comments / Last Comment: 9/18/2014
    Paul Y. Kwo, MD, introduces some of the topics that will be discussed in an upcoming symposium in San Francisco.
  • Genotype 1 HCV–Infected Cirrhotic Patients: Still Hard to Treat?

    Mark S. Sulkowski MD - 6/27/2014 6 comments / Last Comment: 9/24/2014
    After a long wait, the great majority of cirrhotic patients now has a realistic chance of achieving HCV cure.
  • My Approach to Identifying Treatment Candidates and Maintaining Patients on Long-term HBV Therapy

    Anna S. F. Lok MD - 6/19/2014 8 comments / Last Comment: 8/13/2014
    I find it helpful to discuss the impact of treatment on liver fibrosis/cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma with patients, which motivates some to initiate and adhere to their long-term treatment.
  • Post-EASL Update: What Is the Role of Treatment Guidelines in the Current HCV Era?

    Jordan J. Feld MD, MPH - 5/22/2014 8 comments / Last Comment: 8/26/2014
    With the new era of HCV therapies comes a new era in clinical guidelines; although there is certainly overlap, the major guidelines serve different but important roles.
  • Post-EASL Update: How I Manage HCV Patients for Whom First-Generation Protease Inhibitors Failed

    Stefan Zeuzem MD - 5/19/2014 7 comments / Last Comment: 8/31/2014
    Following new data from the ION-2 study reported at EASL 2014, options for retreatment of patients with previous PI failure appear much improved.
  • Treating HBV Patients With Cirrhosis: The Need for Vigilant HCC Screening

    Maria Buti MD - 5/14/2014 6 comments / Last Comment: 10/3/2014
    Antiviral therapy can dramatically improve liver histology, even in cirrhotic patients, but it remains critical to screen patients with suppressed viral load for hepatocellular carcinoma.
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