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  • Post-CROI Update: How I Manage HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients

    Jürgen K. Rockstroh MD - 4/9/2014
    How should HIV treaters apply the latest HCV study results and guidelines to the management of coinfected patients?
  • Enter the Nonspecialist: Will Evolving Hepatitis C Therapies Reduce the Need for Specialized Care?

    Graham R. Foster FRCP, PhD - 10/8/2013 20 comments / Last Comment: 2/5/2014
    As therapeutic options for hepatitis C therapy evolve with reduced dosing requirements and improved adverse event profiles, the need for specialist care will diminish.
  • Drug Users and HCV Providers: How Do We Work Together to Achieve HCV Treatment Success?

    Gregory Dore  - 9/24/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 11/9/2013
    Injecting drugs is a path to hepatitis C infection, but that path is not a dead end when providers join the journey to a cure with careful patient selection and understanding.
  • Don’t Marginalize Your HCV-Infected PWID—Treat Them

    Jason Grebely BSc, PhD - 9/16/2013 1 comment / Last Comment: 10/8/2013
    Even people who use drugs can achieve successful outcomes with hepatitis C therapy, with low reinfection rates.
  • Coffee May Offer Real Benefits to the Liver

    Mark S. Sulkowski MD - 8/13/2013 7 comments / Last Comment: 11/30/2013
    The latest prescription for liver health in patients with hepatitis: coffee.
  • To Treat Patients, You Have to Reach Patients

    Donald P. Kotler MD - 7/22/2013 3 comments / Last Comment: 10/8/2013
    Hard-to-reach population with a distrust of the system? Community advocates extend my reach by helping identify and refer patients for hepatitis treatment.
  • Hope for HCV Patients Who Failed Therapy With Telaprevir or Boceprevir

    Mark S. Sulkowski MD - 6/28/2013 4 comments / Last Comment: 3/26/2014
    Very promising data suggest that in the foreseeable future, it may not only be possible, but even easy, to cure patients in whom current triple therapy failed, using all-oral regimens.
  • Genotype 3 HCV: The Next Hurdle in Hepatitis C Therapy

    Graham R. Foster FRCP, PhD - 6/14/2013 7 comments / Last Comment: 11/29/2013
    Genotype 3 is emerging as the “stress test” for new HCV drugs, challenging our high expectations for a pangenotypic HCV cure.
  • Obstacles to Hepatitis C Therapy: Effective Regimens Are Not Enough

    Donald P. Kotler MD - 6/4/2013 3 comments / Last Comment: 8/10/2013
    How can we help more patients overcome fundamental barriers to effective HCV treatment that include high rates of comorbidities and limited access to the healthcare system?
  • The Age-Old Debate of Whether to Biopsy in HCV: My Answer for 2013

    Mark S. Sulkowski MD - 1/23/2013 17 comments / Last Comment: 11/2/2013
    With interferon-free, all-oral therapies on the near-term horizon, I am increasingly comfortable relying on patient history, physical exam, routine laboratory tests, and liver imaging as well as noninvasive serum markers to obtain a picture of liver health.
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