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  • How I Decided Whether to Stop a Potentially Inactive NRTI in Patient Receiving a Suppressive Regimen

    Renslow Sherer MD - 4/17/2015
    How does the risk of ongoing NRTI-related toxicity in a patient weigh up against the limited antiviral contribution to a suppressive regimen? The data that informed my decision.
  • Lessons Learned in the Clinic: Why a Complete Treatment History Is Essential Information for Treatment Simplification

    Joseph J. Eron, Jr. MD - 4/7/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/13/2015
    A recent seemingly straightforward case of treatment simplification took an interesting turn about 10 months after switching therapy.
  • The Availability of Coformulated Cobicistat-Boosted Protease Inhibitors and the Impact on My Practice

    David A. Wohl MD - 3/18/2015 2 comments / Last Comment: 3/31/2015
    In both treatment-naive and virologically suppressed patients, the availability of fixed-dose cobicistat-boosted PIs makes me take another look at my management approach.
  • Single Pill vs Multicomponent Regimens: What Is the Impact on Patients?

    Charles B. Hicks MD - 2/24/2015 4 comments / Last Comment: 4/7/2015
    In 2015, most HIV-infected persons initiating first-line ART are prescribed a once-daily single-tablet regimen. I describe a recent complex case that made treatment selection challenging.
  • Will the Resistance Record With Newer Therapies Hold Up in Clinical Practice? Here’s My Take

    Mark A. Wainberg PhD - 2/23/2015 2 comments / Last Comment: 4/2/2015
    How I approach first-line therapy in my practice in light of clinical trial data demonstrating a high barrier to dolutegravir resistance.
  • What Does the IPERGAY Trial Tell Us About the Future of PrEP?

    Kevin M. O'Hara PA - 2/5/2015 1 comment / Last Comment: 4/10/2015
    Should on-demand dosing of oral PrEP become the new standard for HIV prevention among high-risk individuals?
  • Changing NRTI Options Within Single-Tablet Antiretroviral Regimens

    Daniel R. Kuritzkes MD - 12/23/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 1/12/2015
    How might the first abacavir-containing STR fit into HIV treatment strategies?
  • What the iPrEX Study Taught Me About Adherence Counseling

    Kevin M. O'Hara PA - 10/24/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 11/7/2014
    iPrEX OLE showed that perfect adherence was not required to attain the benefits of PrEP. How should that influence our approach to adherence counseling for our patients?
  • A Quandary Over Switching: When Patients Resist My Recommendation to Switch

    David A. Wohl MD - 10/15/2014 6 comments / Last Comment: 4/6/2015
    I usually recommend patients who are still receiving lopinavir/ritonavir-based regimens to switch. But how strongly should I urge them to switch when they are reluctant?
  • To Switch or Not to Switch: Management of First-line Boosted PI Virologic Failure

    W. David Hardy MD - 10/7/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 3/12/2015
    After a first-line boosted PI regimen fails virologically, when is it OK to stay the course vs making a regimen switch?
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