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  • Adherence Concerns: Are We Limited to Boosted PIs?

    Joseph J. Eron, Jr. MD - 8/24/2015
    My take on why an integrase inhibitor–based regimen makes sense for an ART-naive patient who struggles with adherence to care and medications.
  • IAS 2015: A Preview of Key Data to Be Presented in Vancouver

    Chris Beyrer MD, MPH - 7/17/2015 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/3/2015
    Here is my take on the most anticipated studies that will be presented in Vancouver this year.
  • My Approach to Selecting First-line ART for a Patient With Many Options

    David A. Cooper MD, DSc - 7/10/2015 6 comments / Last Comment: 7/27/2015
    David A. Cooper, MD, DSc, introduces his strategies for selecting therapy based on a recent patient case. At an upcoming symposium in Vancouver, Dr. Cooper and his colleagues will discuss their approach to treatment choice in a range of patient scenarios.
  • How I Select Among Integrase Inhibitors for Treatment-Naive Patients in 2015

    Paul E. Sax MD - 7/7/2015 6 comments / Last Comment: 8/14/2015
    Using a recent case example, I describe how I choose among the DHHS-recommended INSTI-based regimens in the first-line setting.
  • Shifting Roles for Single-Tablet Regimens in the Latest DHHS Guidelines

    Karam Mounzer MD - 6/16/2015
    I explain how the concept of “net potency” plays a key role when considering the use of single-tablet regimens as first-line therapy.
  • How I Implement Shared Decision Making When Selecting First-line ART

    Kevin M. O'Hara MMSc, MS, PA-C - 6/12/2015
    I review my patient-centered approach to choosing the right regimen as initial therapy.
  • Strategic ART Switching: If It’s Not Broken, Should We Still Fix It?

    David A. Wohl MD - 5/27/2015 4 comments / Last Comment: 7/2/2015
    How do the DHHS guidelines and recent switch studies affect our decision to change regimens in virologically suppressed patients?
  • Will Healthcare Reform Challenge Our Ability to Prescribe Single-Tablet Regimens?

    William G. Powderly MD - 5/18/2015 3 comments / Last Comment: 6/22/2015
    I recently encountered an unexpected challenge in my clinic after prescribing a single-tablet regimen for a newly diagnosed HIV-infected patient.
  • My Take on the Latest DHHS Guidelines: The Increasing Role for Integrase Inhibitors in First-line Therapy

    Daniel R. Kuritzkes MD - 5/15/2015 2 comments / Last Comment: 6/18/2015
    With the latest update to the DHHS guidelines for ART, chances are you will be starting most patients on an integrase inhibitor–based regimen.
  • Analyzing NA-ACCORD: Should You Avoid Abacavir In Patients With Cardiovascular Risk?

    Josep M. Llibre MD - 5/15/2015 5 comments / Last Comment: 7/5/2015
    The recent NA-ACCORD data presented at CROI 2015 has reignited discussion on the potential association between abacavir exposure and MI. But there are several limitations of this analysis to consider before altering your practice.
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