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  • Should Integrase Inhibitor Regimens Be Your First Choice When Starting HIV Therapy?

    Eric S. Daar MD - 8/25/2014
    Recently, one of my patients asked me why anyone would not choose to start therapy with one of the INSTI-based regimens. Here’s how I responded.
  • What 5257 Tells Us About the Selection of Integrase Inhibitor Regimens For HIV Therapy

    Joseph J. Eron, Jr. MD - 8/20/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 9/5/2014
    Recent data may support the argument for selecting integrase inhibitors as first-line therapy for the majority of our patients. Get an idea of the key considerations I and my colleagues will discuss at an upcoming symposium addressing this question.
  • Using Boosted Protease Inhibitors in the Aftermath of ACTG 5257

    Kathleen E. Squires MD - 7/14/2014 2 comments / Last Comment: 7/31/2014
    The ACTG 5257 study was very informative for clinicians because its study design looked at the “real world’ endpoints of virologic failure and tolerability failure, defined as the ability for individuals to stay on regimens they were originally assigned to.
  • Challenges of Treating Drug-Resistant TB in Developing Countries

    Francesca Conradie MBBCh - 7/9/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 8/14/2014
    As a clinician treating MDR-TB in South Africa, I am very familiar with the challenges, but new rapid diagnostic tests to detect drug resistance and drugs such as bedaquiline are making a clinical difference.
  • Extensively Drug–Resistant Tuberculosis: No Time to Wait

    Richard E. Chaisson MD - 5/12/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 7/24/2014
    Mortality for patients with XDR-TB is still extremely high. Only newer drugs may make a difference.
  • Minimizing Bone Loss in Patients Starting ART: As Simple As D/Ca?

    Andrew R. Zolopa MD - 4/14/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 8/24/2014
    Following CROI, I now intend to test for vitamin D deficiency in all my patients who are starting ART. Here’s why.
  • NRTI-Sparing Regimens: The Search Goes On

    Joel E. Gallant MD, MPH - 4/14/2014 19 comments / Last Comment: 8/13/2014
    Although we don’t yet have a perfect NRTI-sparing regimen, here I describe the circumstances when I do use one and the agents I select.
  • Recent STI: A Predictor of HIV Acquisition?

    Jeanne Marrazzo MD, MPH - 9/6/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 12/17/2013
    Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH, has disclosed that she has received funds for research support from Cepheid, Medicis, and MethylGene.
  • Is It OK to Switch Patients to the Elvitegravir Single-Tablet Regimen?

    Andrew R. Zolopa MD - 8/19/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 10/8/2013
    Until we have data from switch studies, should we hold off from switching patients to the coformulation of tenofovir/emtricitabine/elvitegravir/cobicistat?
  • Managing HIV/HCV Coinfection: Treat or Wait?

    Renslow Sherer MD - 8/15/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 3/3/2014
    How should we counsel patients with moderate fibrosis on whether they should start a current HCV regimen or wait for newer regimens to be available?
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