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  • What the iPrEX Study Taught Me About Adherence Counseling

    Kevin M. O'Hara PA - 10/24/2014
    iPrEX OLE showed that perfect adherence was not required to attain the benefits of PrEP. How should that influence our approach to adherence counseling for our patients?
  • A Quandary Over Switching: When Patients Resist My Recommendation to Switch

    David A. Wohl MD - 10/15/2014
    I usually recommend patients who are still receiving lopinavir/ritonavir-based regimens to switch. But how strongly should I urge them to switch when they are reluctant?
  • Choosing a Single-Tablet Regimen for HIV Patients: What Do the Latest IAS-USA Guidelines Have to Say?

    Renslow Sherer MD - 10/7/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 10/17/2014
    How I apply recent guidelines in daily practice to offer eligible patients the benefits of single-tablet regimens.
  • To Switch or Not to Switch: Management of First-line Boosted PI Virologic Failure

    W. David Hardy MD - 10/7/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 10/10/2014
    After a first-line boosted PI regimen fails virologically, when is it OK to stay the course vs making a regimen switch?
  • Deintensification Strategies Using Boosted PIs: Are They Ready for Prime Time?

    Paul E. Sax MD - 10/7/2014 3 comments / Last Comment: 10/17/2014
    Recent studies have highlighted the potential efficacy of 2-drug boosted PI regimens. Are you considering integrating these strategies into your practice?
  • Should We Test for Integrase Inhibitor Resistance in Our Treatment-Naive Patients?

    Joseph J. Eron, Jr. MD - 9/22/2014 5 comments / Last Comment: 10/5/2014
    And if we do, how should we interpret and act upon the results? Here’s what I did in one of my patient cases.
  • Sizing Up the Newest Integrase Inhibitor–Based Single-Tablet Regimen

    William G. Powderly MD - 9/22/2014 1 comment / Last Comment: 9/25/2014
    When it comes to ART, choice is good. And the recent FDA approval of the dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine single-tablet regimen contributes a very significant addition to our choices.
  • Recent STI: A Predictor of HIV Acquisition?

    Jeanne Marrazzo MD, MPH - 9/6/2013 2 comments / Last Comment: 12/17/2013
    What approach should you take for a patient you see with a new diagnosis of secondary syphilis who has managed to remain HIV uninfected?
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